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Serves: Prospective graduate students of the Master of Accounting (MACT), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Master of Science in Leadership and Change (MSLC) programs.

1. What’s your favorite thing about St. Edward’s?

The environment - both the physical space (it's such a beautiful campus) and the attitude of the students and my colleagues. SEU students are really excited to learn and make a difference in the world and this positivity permeates the campus. As a staff member, I enjoy working with smart, dedicated people who are enthusiastic about the school, their respective roles, and finding the right student.

2. Describe your idea of a perfect day in Austin.

First off, it has to be sunny! Besides that, I'm pretty flexible and can check out South Congress, downtown, or the greenbelt. The great thing about Austin is that you have so many options. Regardless of what I do, the perfect day includes eating at SoCo Burgers - the best burgers in town!

3. What's your favorite part of an application to read?

My favorite part is why the applicant chose St. Edward's. It's always interesting to hear an applicant's reasons for applying and I've been struck by the diversity and sincerity of the reasons. People from all walks of life join our learning community and I think our student body reflects the best of what Austin has to offer.

mleveriz [at] stedwards.edu (Email) Mike or call 512-448-8745.