3 easy ways to apply

You have three options for applying to St. Edward’s:

  1. Online application
  2. The Common Application
  3. ApplyTexas

Download a Printed Application

Important Application Dates and Deadlines

Early Application Deadline: Dec. 15

If you apply by this date, we'll waive the $50 application fee.

Priority Application Deadline: Feb. 1

If you complete your application by Feb. 1, you will be considered for all applicable scholarships and the best financial aid package possible.

Final Application Deadline: May 1

We strongly encourage students to apply well before this date.

Spring Semester Application Deadline: Nov. 15

Apply by this date to enroll in spring for your first semester.

Essay Questions*

Get started on your admission application today by choosing one of our unusual essay questions:

  • Incredibly, you have just won a $100 million lottery. To receive the money, you must first earn a college degree in the next four years. How does this change your college experience? How does it change your life after college?
  • What do you hope to find over the rainbow?
  • Describe the neighborhood in which you've grown up. How has your neighborhood shaped who you are today?
  • When making an important decision, what methods and factors do you rely on most and why do you choose them?  (For example: the facts, what your heart tells you or advice from parents or friends.)  How do these methods work for you?  Have you used other methods in the past that didn't work as well?

*These essay questions are only applicable to the St. Edward’s Application. The Common Application and Apply Texas have separate questions.