Textbook Requests

Requests for alternative format of your textbooks (pdf, audio, braille, or other) should be made directly to Student Disability Services.  You must provide documentation of a print, vision, hearing, and/or mobility-related impairment before your request will be considered.

Once you have been approved for this accommodation, you can submit a Request for Alternative Textbook Form and upload (i.e. picture, screenshot, etc.) your proof of purchase (receipt) to the form.  The wait time for publishers to fulfill alternative text requests varies, so you should submit your request as soon as possible.  You will be notified via email when your requests have been fulfilled and are available in Box.  

Other Classroom Materials

Students must qualify for the "Digital format of class materials" accommodation through Student Disability Services and communicate their request for this accommodation to faculty as early as possible. SDS works in collaboration with students and faculty to provide timely delivery of materials. The most common types of alternative format are:

  • PDF (image or searchable)
  • Text enlargement or specific font size
  • Video captioning

The Office of Instructional Technology has a library of resources to assist faculty with these requests and offers training to faculty regarding the accessibility of class and web materials.

Alternative Format Databases

Bookshare® provides the world’s largest online library of accessible reading materials for people with print disabilities. St. Edward's University has an institutional membership with Bookshare so qualifying students can access reading materials 24 hours a day. Students can also sign up for free with documentation of a print disability. 

Learning Ally
Learning Ally provides a library of accessible downloadable audiobooks and educational content for people with print disabilities.  To sign up, students must submit documentation of a print disability and pay an annual fee to Learning Ally. 

Library Materials

For information about alternative materials in the Munday Library visit their website or contact the library at (512) 416-5869.