University Federal Credit Union Card

 Since 1991, St. Edward’s University and University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) have been partners in education. UFCU has provided generous gifts to fund scholarships, and sponsor events, athletic programs and capital priorities such as the John Brooks Williams Natural Sciences Center. In addition to providing banking and financial services, UFCU provides internships for St. Edward’s University students interested in careers in business and/or finance, and consumer education in personal finance matters for all members of the St. Edward’s community. The affinity credit card program is an extension of our already-established mutually beneficial relationship that enables UFCU to further support university initiatives, with every account opened and every purchase that is made with the card.

How Can I Get a St. Edward’s Affinity Card?

Visit UFCU to sign up today!

Why an Affinity Card?

The Alumni Association chose to offer an affinity credit card program because we seek to provide access to products and services that add value to the university community. In addition, your participation helps support important university endeavors.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone associated with St. Edward’s University can apply for the affinity card with the exception of current undergraduate students.

Responsible Marketing Practices

Because of our close partnership with UFCU, we are confident that respect for your privacy is a top priority. Your information will not be shared with any other entities for any other purposes outside of promotion of the affinity credit card program. In addition, if you wish to be excluded from mailings for the affinity credit card program, please email and we will be happy to honor your request.

Safeguard for Students

The affinity credit card program is NOT marketed to current St. Edward’s University undergraduate students nor are credit card applications accepted from current undergraduate students.

How St. Edward's University Benefits

The affinity credit card program will provide benefits to the entire St. Edward’s community. With your help and the financial return from UFCU, St. Edward’s will be able to fund our strategic priorities and various student-focused initiatives.

Disclosure of Agreement AND UFCU Information

Disclosure of Agreement

The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 requires higher education institutions to make any credit card contract available to the public upon request. To obtain a copy of the St. Edward’s University affinity credit card program agreement with UFCU, please send a written request to:

St. Edward’s University
Alumni and Parent Programs
3001 S. Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78704

Please include your complete mailing address, an email address and phone number. Please allow two weeks for reply.

UFCU Information

Please visit UFCU for more information about UFCU and their privacy statement.

For information about the rates, fees and other costs and benefits associated with the use of this affinity credit card program, please visit UFCU.