Hudspeth Award for Innovative Instruction

Delayne Hudspeth, retired Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Instructional Technology at the University of Texas, was a mentor to several St. Edward's faculty members and scores of other master's and doctoral students. Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, Dr. Hudspeth's contributions to innovation in higher education are honored by this award. 

This award recognizes St. Edward's teachers who create innovative learning environments. One award, in the amount of $500, may be given each year. The winning project is chosen by the Innovations in Teaching Committee -- a committee of faculty members from all six of SEU's schools.



All applications for the 2015-16 Hudspeth Award process are due by the end of the day on November 10, 2015.  Applications must be submitted online through the submission link below


Eligible Course Projects

Who can self nominate?  

Faculty--full-time, part-time, and staff who teach--of all disciplines and ranks are encouraged to apply. Recipients of the award must wait five years before reapplying.

What course projects are eligible?  

Self nominations should highlight a specific project, assignment, exercise, teaching method, or a new use of technology. They may also focus on the entire course, if the course design itself is novel. 

Instructors may apply for the award based on an innovation planned and implemented in any of the three years previous to the application deadline. This year, projects implemented in any of the following semesters will be eligible:  

- Academic year 2012-13, including Fall 2012, Spring 2013, and Summer 2013,
- Academic year 2013-14, including Fall 2013, Spring 2014, and Summer 2014,
- Academic year 2014-15, including Fall 2014, Spring 2015, and Summer 2015.

A focus on innovation:

Since this award celebrates innovation, preference will be given to projects that demonstrate the greatest levels of innovation and that clearly present the value of that innovation for student learning.


Instructions and Guidance for Applicants

To learn more about the Hudspeth Award and to submit an application, read the Guidelines for the Hudspeth Award.  You may wish to download the guidelines and use them to prepare your application, before entering the online submission process.


Submit Your Application

Click the link below to begin filling out the application form, which follows the "Guidelines" application categories.  The submission form is designed to allow you to edit your responses even after submitting them.  However, we encourage you to use the Hudspeth Guidelines to prepare your application in a Microsoft Word document before opening the submission form.  You can then cut and paste your responses into the form's fields. 

Application form

 Note: There is a 3000-word limit on your application's total length, though no single question has a word limit.  Please run a word count on your completed application before submitting it through the online form.


Selection Process

Since this award celebrates innovation, preference will be given to projects that exhibit the greatest levels of innovation.  However, all five application categories will be reviewed when selecting the winner.

The winner(s) of the award will be decided upon by the faculty members of the Innovations in Teaching Committee.  The committee is comprised of representatives from all six of the university's schools.  The CTE director does not influence or participate in the discussion or the voting.  

The committee follows an established review practice: Applications are masked to enable blind review. Masked copies of the applications are then shared with members of the committee.  Committee members read each application, complete an evaluation rubric, and rank them, adhering to the application categories and questions. The committee then meets and holds an in-depth discussion of the projects, leading to a final consensus decision based on both the scoring and the discussion. Currently, only one project can win the Hudspeth Award each year.

Previous Winners

If you are a member of the SEU community, you may log in to see previous winners' applications.