Every year, we celebrate our Holy Cross heritage with Founders Week in mid-October. From demonstrations of French cuisine and culture to a special mass with the Holy Cross Brothers, we honor those whose vision made St. Edward’s University possible. We also follow the Congregation’s dedication to service by organizing a university-wide service project in the community.

This year we’re adding a few new layers to the celebration. As we commemorate the people who supported St. Edward’s in the past, we are taking this week — also known as Philanthropy Week — to thank everyone who supports the university in the present.

“Our hope is to provide the St. Edward’s community with a timeline of how St. Edward’s came to be the welcoming place it is now,” says Sara Hoover ’11, associate director of Annual and Individual Giving.

“From Mary Doyle offering her farmland, to the brothers working and serving as a living endowment, to the many donors who contribute financially year in and year out, we hope to tell the story of everyone who has given so much to make the hilltop what it is today.”

During Philanthropy Week, students will be able to learn more about each building’s namesake — such as John Brooks Williams, Mary Moody Northen, and Robert and Pearle Ragsdale — as well as the university’s history.

Donations don’t just fund the creation of new buildings; they also make student scholarships possible, and students will have the opportunity to write notes of appreciation during Thank a Donor Day.

It’s not just St. Edward’s that benefits from the generosity of our community. Alumni volunteer their time and talents toward furthering the causes they’re passionate about. Some go on to found nonprofits; others dedicate hours every week or donate what they can to organizations that help make the world a better place. No matter how they choose to express it, students and alumni are driven to help others — honoring the values that sparked the founding of the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1837 and that are still held by St. Edward’s University today.

By sharing the many examples of service and generosity throughout the university’s history, we hope to inspire a culture of giving back in our students and to demonstrate that any help, no matter how small, can make a real difference in the world.

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