Freshmen, seniors and in between — every student can use extra help meeting the demands of college. Whether it’s choosing classes, writing a paper, dealing with stress, creating a résumé or managing a disability, St. Edward’s has you covered. We asked staff members in four offices across the hilltop about their resources that support students’ academic success and wellbeing. Here’s what they want you to know.


Helping students excel in the classroom

 “We provide academic advising and support to all students — from the day they arrive on the hilltop through graduation.

Our academic counselors work with first-year students to navigate the university system, explore a major or minor, and create a 4-year academic plan that can include study abroad, research and internship opportunities. We also help students connect with campus resources and stay on track to meet their academic goals.

For extra help with subjects and courses that are traditionally challenging, students have access to one-on-one peer tutoring services and supplemental-instruction review sessions. To improve their study habits, they can attend our study-skills workshops to learn the best ways to manage their time, take notes and prepare for tests.

Our pre-health coordinator works with students interested in the health professions. We also arrange additional support for students who are struggling academically and for international students who would benefit from an academic mentor.”

Mary Culkin, director of Academic Counseling and Support Programs, encourages students to make the university’s academic support services a regular part of their college career.


Preparing for success after graduation

“Career and Professional Development supports students as they plan for life following graduation. Beginning with their freshman year, career counselors are available to help students identify career interests and values, write résumés and cover letters, prepare for interviews, learn to network, seek internships, research and explore job opportunities, apply to graduate school, and eventually find employment that’s both meaningful and rewarding. And our role doesn’t end there. Graduates of St. Edward’s can take advantage of our services and resources for life.”  

Ray Rogers, director of Career and Professional Development, advises students to meet with a career counselor during their first semester to begin planning their future.


Promoting an inclusive campus community

“Student Disability Services honors the uniqueness of every person. We provide equal access and assistance to students with medical, learning or psychological disabilities. These students can benefit from any number of the services we offer, such as academic accommodations, coaching in study methods specific to their disability, one-on-one discussions for building self-advocacy skills, and referrals to other resources that offer additional support. We look forward to helping all students who have a need for our services.” 

Kendall Swanson, MA LPC, director of Student Disability Services, wants students with disabilities to know that they are vital members of our diverse university community.


Providing a whole-person approach to physical and behavioral health

“The Health & Counseling Center at St. Edward’s is one of the few university-based programs in the state of Texas that combines medical, counseling and wellness services to support students’ total health and academic success. We engage students in a variety of practical lifestyle activities that address topics relevant to their college years, including stress management, healthy eating and mature choices about alcohol use. Our atmosphere is confidential, welcoming and professional, and focused on the wellbeing of all students.”

Calvin A. Kelly, PhD, director of the Health & Counseling Center, is a champion of integrated healthcare, where primary care and mental health work together.

Here's one more thing our staff members want you to know: It’s okay to ask for help. Be sure to tap into the many resources and services available at St. Edward’s.