It would be easy to assume that Lindsay Vick ’07 has always been destined to blaze a trail in global brand management, because she looks the part: She’s stylish, polished and poised beyond her years. But it was a pivotal study-abroad experience during her St. Edward’s years that inspired her to live and work abroad.

As an undergraduate at St. Edward’s, Vick was planning to pursue a career in politics. She majored in Political Science and completed internships at the Texas State Capitol and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Studying abroad in Spain during her junior year prompted a profound change in how she thought about her future. “I fell in love with it,” Vick says. “There’s an openness and tolerance you gain living in a culture that’s not your own. You have to assimilate and learn what drives people in a place that’s nothing like where you grew up.”

For Vick, that experience was only the beginning. “My time at St. Edward’s instilled in me a sense of awareness and seeking something, of making the world better,” she says.

How Vick’s Career Progressed

1. After graduating, Vick moves to Spain and works as a student affairs coordinator at the International College of Seville. Through her work helping North American students during their study-abroad experiences, she becomes fluent in Spanish. She draws on her political experience to organize for President Obama’s first campaign, founding a chapter of Democrats Abroad in Southern Spain.

2. Vick moves to California, where she is a founding employee of a private international startup affiliated with eBay. She still dreams of living and working abroad and decides to return to Spain.

3. Vick earns a master’s degree in International Relations at Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Seville. She has a brief stint with the sales and marketing department of a Spain-based international hotel and resorts chain. Her role with Barcelo Hotels and Resorts gives her the experience she needs to start working in the water division of the global renewable energy company Abengoa.

4. From 2013 to 2016, Vick works at Abengoa in global marketing, serving as the chief marketing officer for most of that time. While at Abengoa, she brokers a deal with Manchester United, which she leverages to move into the sports-marketing arena.

5. Now based in Manhattan, Vick is director of marketing at FILA North America, where she leads high-level strategy and brand building with retailers. Last spring, she launched the brand’s first global pop-up shop program, which was covered by Fast Company magazine.

By Joshunda Sanders