There are 90,000 churches in the country of France. France has the highest concentration of churches per capita anywhere in the world.

In the past few years, many of the churches have been in the process of being demolished. The churches have fallen into states of disrepair, and their religious attendance has been declining due to several other issues that play into the lapse of the churches maintenance. So it's very obvious that  there are a lot of historic landmarks that need preservation.

My name is Ash Warren,  I'm a graduate student working through my last class the MBA program at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. We were on a bus from Sainte-Gemmes-d'Andigné where we met Benoit Patier and his organization Save the Churches. His organization is currently working to save the historic church in the city of Sainte-Gemme.

After conferring with my teammates, Stephen and Jay, we created some good ideas about what is expected of us and decided that the biggest thing we can do to help Benoit Patier and Save the Churches is to generate awareness about his cause. Additionally, we want to create more awareness about what his organization is trying to do in preserving the churches and why it is important.

I would like for the project my team submits to lay the groundwork for preserving churches and would like to see our foundations used all over the world.

Less than a year later a church has been saved. The MBA graduate students’ business plan helped save St. Marguerite Catholic Church in the village of Sainte-Gemmes-d’Andigné.

The serious nature of the business plan for the church gave our cause real credibility. The church is protected. It’s a big victory.