As the 84th legislative session wraps in the Capitol, three professors across campus have helped us make sense out of the complex tangle of Texan politics. Each pulls from his or her expertise, providing a range of perspectives and insights into the legislative process and the issues they watched this session.

From the Catholic Perspective

Brother Richard Daly, CSC, spent 32 years as the lobbyist for the Catholic bishops in Texas. He keeps on top of current events and still teaches a course on the legislative process at St. Edward’s. He offered the following insight at the beginning of the 84th Texas Legislative Session from a Catholic perspective.

Why a Minimum Wage Increase and Other Reforms Would Help Texans

We asked Stacey Borasky, associate professor of Social Work whose special area of focus is child welfare, to share her thoughts on issues related to social work that she’s watching in the 84th Legislature.

Why You Should Care about the Texas Spending Cap

Brian Smith, associate professor of Political Science, tells us why one of the most complicated issues this session is also one of the most important.