Thinking of starting your own business? Then you’re probably looking everywhere for advice. Here’s the wisdom that only comes with experience that eight successful entrepreneurs, all graduates of St. Edward’s University in Austin, would share with aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Doing what you’re passionate about is awesome, but identifying your purpose is life changing.”
—Wes Hurt, Founder of Hey Cupcake! and CLEAN Cause 

“Simplify chaos. There will be an infinite amount of tasks to do and possibilities to go after, but like in art, the most complex and compelling innovations are built on elegant solutions and simplicity.”
—Kyle Ballarta, Founder of Falkon Ventures

“Get a good accountant.”
—Heather Chandler, Founder of Innovative Multimedia Group LLC

“Every business needs someone who can take the hill, and someone who knows which hill to take.”
—Nick Swift, Co-founder of Swift Distilleries

“Surround yourself with excellence from day one.”
—Sarah Darrouzet, Founder of Zubiate Foods 

“Be professional at every level, even when the outlook is negative. Quickly remove the emotional aspect and move forward. It’s the little details on how you interact with potential customers, advisors, investors or fans that give your reputation either a shooting star rating — or a sinking ship rating.”
—Carlos Martin, Founder of Z Bottle

“Celebrate all your successes, especially the small ones. Doing so will be the fuel that drives you toward achieving your vision.”
—Dara Carrillo, Co-Founder of Muse Stream Personal Branding and Workshop Facilitation Services

“Find the humility daily to admit what you don't know, and then go find successful people who can provide you with direction.”
— Kelley Russell Du-Varney, Co-Founder of Muse Stream Personal Branding and Workshop Facilitation Services

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Frannie Schneider is the content marketing strategist for St. Edward's University.

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