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We love Austin. Who doesn’t? The accolades have been pouring in for years, but what makes the city such an appealing place to go to school (Austin is home to 27 public and private universities and 180,000 college students), and (eventually) work?

Here are just a few of the reasons why Austin is a great place to get an education and stay for a career.

1. It’s all about the tech.

According to a report in Forbes, Austin is creating more technology jobs than any other city in the United States, with the Austin metro area seeing a 41.4 percent tech industry employment growth between 2001 and 2013. Nerd Wallet ranked Austin the sixth-best place in America for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) graduates, due to its large number of jobs. And according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Austin beat out San Francisco as the No. 1 city for tech businesses in a ranking by the property-consulting firm Savills. Why? Because Austin’s 2,600 tech companies (Dell, Apple, Google, Facebook and more) employ more than 50,000 people.

2. Startups love it here, too.

Tech isn’t the only force driving growth. The startup scene in Austin is also thriving. According to the 2014 Austin startup report created by Built in Austin, a hub for the Austin tech scene, startups in Austin raised $993 million in funding in 2014, 123 percent more than the previous year. More than 115 companies were funded, 70 of which raised more than a million dollars. Then you have places like startup incubator Capital Factory, which hosts more than 350 companies and 650 members, including investors. Each startup’s goal is to raise a million dollars and then let a new venture take its place.

3. The economy is good. Really good.

Austin boasts 95 of the fastest-growing companies on the 2014 Inc. 5000 list, which makes it the fourth-best city for fast-growing companies. Counter that with Investment News naming Austin the No. 1 city to open your small business, and this city has it all. Austin has an unemployment rate of just 3.7% as of January 2015. And the city saw a 3.1% job growth in 2014, with 27,700 jobs added.

4. The city is in session.

Houston may have oil, and Dallas may have America’s football team. But as the capital of Texas, Austin has (arguably) all the power. Every two years, 181 state senators and representatives and thousands of staffers and lobbyists descend upon the city for the almost five-month legislative session, adding more jobs to the city’s economy and making Austin an even more exciting place to be.

5. We go beyond music.

Is it really a surprise that the Live Music Capital of the World boasts a strong creative economy? Beyond the musicians and music venues, the Twitter-trending SXSW Festival attracts nearly 400,000 attendees each year. Moviemaker Magazine named Austin the No. 1 city to live and make films. (Peace Officer, by Austin filmmaker Scott Christopherson, took home the grand jury prize in the documentary competition at SXSW in March.) The impact of the arts and culture industry, as measured in taxable sales, is an estimated $443 million, and 11% of the total workforce is in the creative industry.

6. It’s not a bad place to live, either.

The weather is nearly perfect, with 300 days of sunshine each year. The city boasts an average year-round temperature of 70 degrees. There are 251 parks. It’s one of America’s best bike cities according to Bicycling Magazine. There are festivals for just about everything – hot sauce, barbecue, bats, kites, levitation, and pachenga. So when you’re not working, you’ll have plenty to do.

Frannie Schneider is the content marketing strategist for St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas.

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