What is Capstone?

Capstone Paper of the Year

Capstone Paper of the Year

Love to challenge yourself, Juniors and Seniors? Here are four steps to laying a successful groundwork beyond the Hilltop. 

Capstone is an upper-division course in which students demonstrate and hone all the skills that they have learned throughout their St. Edward's University careers, including library and field research, writing, oral presentation, critical thinking, and moral reasoning. The Capstone Course is grounded in the university's mission statement and seeks to prepare students to handle the challenges that they will face in the complex world of the 21st century.  The Capstone project requires students to choose a current social controversy; thoroughly research all aspects of it; analyze their research and propose a solution; communicate that solution both orally and in writing; and finally perform a civic engagement activity that supports their position.  Faculty give students instruction in how to complete the semester-long Capstone project, as well as giving each student individual guidance throughout the semester.

Prerequisites: CULF 2321; completion of the ethics requirement; completion of ENGW 1302 or equivalent; and at least 75 hours. Fall, Spring and Summer (12-Week session only).

Director: Todd Onderdonk

Paper of the Year

Every year each Capstone faculty member nominates one or more Capstone papers to be considered for the Paper of the Year competition, which recognizes excellent work in the Capstone Course. The nominated papers are rigorously evaluated and the winner is announced at Honors Night.

Outstanding Capstone Instructors 

Starting in 2003, one Capstone instructor has been honored every year for his or her outstanding teaching in this challenging course. Recent Capstone Instructor of the Year honorees include:
2016--Professor Brittney Johnson
2015--Professor Charles Porter
2014--Professor Peter Austin
2013--Professor Susan Loughran