Welcome to Freshman Studies! As you pursue a college education, you will be challenged to grow emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. The St. Edward's faculty designed Freshman Studies to help beginning college students succeed in meeting these new challenges.

Freshman Studies introduces students to intellectual and academic life at St. Edward’s and provides a foundation for later courses, particularly courses in the General Education curriculum. In order to introduce students to the liberal arts tradition and to make new arrivals feel a part of the community of learners on this campus, all Freshman Studies sections strive to achieve common learning outcomes.

Every year, St. Edward’s chooses a Common Theme that guides programming and discussions across campus, including Freshman Studies.

 Freshman Studies is divided into two parts, a team-taught course called Introduction to the Liberal Arts (FSTY 1310) and a writing class (Basic Writing I or II or Rhetoric & Composition I or II). You will register for a section of FSTY 1310 (containing 80 – 100 students). You will also register for a 20 – 25 student writing section which is linked to the lecture course and will allow you to write about and discuss readings and ideas originally developed in the larger class. The two courses are linked in readings and themes but will appear separately on your grade report; you will receive a separate grade for each.

Program Director:  Alexandra Barron

alexb [at] stedwards.edu