Who We Are

The Campuscape committee consists of a group of campus leaders to help guide and give feedback on indoor common spaces and outdoor conditions on campus. The following St Edward’s University staff make up the members of Campuscape:

Lisa Kirkpatrick, Interim Vice President of Administration

Christie Campbell, Vice President of Marketing  

Jim Morris, Associate Vice President of University Operations 

Steve Ramirez, Director of Master Planning and Construction

Ad hoc collaborators


When to come to Campuscape

Personal Space vs. Public Space

One of the persistently difficult Campuscape challenges is the differentiation between personal space and public space within campus buildings.

  • Personal furniture items such as tables, chairs, and bookshelves should not be placed in public spaces such as lobbies, lounges, or hallways.
  • Smaller personal items should remain in personal spaces. Examples include houseplants being placed in bathrooms, and personal photographs being mounted on public corridor walls.
  • Stairways, niches, and other, more secluded public spaces should not be used for storage of personal items.
  • The public areas around doors to faculty and other offices should not become personalized with posted materials.

Areas of Campuscape Responsibility

  • Interior building identification signage / room identification signage
  • Bulletin systems for informational postings
  • General building graphics / feature walls
  • Indoor Furniture (public couches, chairs, tables)
  • Other information display (bulletin surfaces and drop boxes outside offices)
  • Art framing / organization
  • Outdoor furniture