Common Descriptors:



Elite Eight
Sweet 16


Use “first-team All-America,” unless it’s before someone’s name, as in “First-Team All-American Joe Buck” (notice the “n” added for that instance).

Do not capitalize “honorable mention” when referring to:

  • Daktronics honorable mention All-America (treat the same as first-team)

Use “conference championship,” unless it’s the same occurrence as above (i.e. Conference Champion St. Edward’s).

Use title case when a conference’s proper name is used (i.e. Heartland Conference Pitcher of the Week, Heartland Conference All-Tournament Team, Heartland Conference Championship).

Athletics teams aren’t capitalized, as in men’s tennis team or women’s basketball team.

However, if the team has an actual name, capitalize it (i.e. ESPN The Magazine Academic All-District Team).

All women’s athletics programs are referred to as “women’s” teams, never “girls” or “ladies” teams.

Students who play sports are referred to as “student-athletes.”

Beginning in Fall 2019, St. Edward’s will compete in NCAA Division II as a member of the Lone Star Conference.

“NCAA” needn’t be spelled out.

RBI vs. RBIs – Run(s) Batted In (singular or plural use determined by editorial context)

Student-athletes may be referred to by their class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) instead of by their graduation year as classification can differ from expected graduation.

  • Freshman Blake Blackwood won the day for the Hilltoppers.

Athletics vs. Athletic

  • “Athletic” is an adjective describing one’s physical ability.
  • “Athletics” is a noun describing the training and practice of sports activities.

In most cases regarding university copy, “athletics” is the correct term, whether referring to Hilltopper athletics or to the athletics banquet.

Refer to the program as “Athletics” or “St. Edward’s University Athletics” (capitalize when referring to the entity as a whole).

Do not capitalize if referring to “Hilltopper athletics,” “men’s athletics,” “women’s athletics” or “varsity athletics.”

Most variations on “Hilltopper” are acceptable (i.e. Hilltopper baseball, Hilltopper basketball).

Avoid the “SEU” abbreviation in sports.

In sports writing only, the University of Texas is abbreviated to “UT” and UT–Austin is referred to as “Texas.” All other UT branches should be listed with city location. For example: UT–Arlington; UT–Permian Basin; UT–Dallas.

When writing about tournaments or competitions, use “4 on 4” instead of “4 v. 4” or “four on four.”

The school colors “blue and gold” are not capitalized in a sentence.