Faculty, Adjunct Instructor, Professor, PhD

  • “Faculty” refers to the entire instructional staff. It takes a singular verb. Its plural is “faculties.” When referring to an individual, use the phrase “faculty member.” When referring to a group of individuals numbering less than the entire faculty, use the phrase “faculty members.”
    – The faculty of St. Edward's Univesity is highly regarded.
    – Several faculty members will join the planning committee.
  • Use “adjunct instructor,” not “adjunct,” “adjunct teacher” or other variations for non-contracted full-time faculty.
  • Likewise, use “postdoctoral associates” for instructors with this title. Commas precede and follow academic degrees, and designations:
    – Gary Morris, PhD, is dean of the School of Natural Sciences.
    – Judith Smith, CPA, will consult on the new budget.
  • Use “professor” over “Dr.” and “PhD.”
  • When not using “professor,” use “PhD” over “Dr.”
  • Capitalize “Professor” when it precedes a name:
    – Professor Susan Jones received her grant.
  • Capitalize “Professor” and program name when it precedes a name:
    – Susan Jones, professor at St. Edward’s, received her grant.
  • Lowercase “professor” and capitalize program name when they follow a name:
    – David Smith, professor of Psychology, teaches a course in childhood behavior.
    – John Smith, associate professor of Digital Media Management at St. Edward’s, explains how the school’s digital media programs originated.
    – Marie Diaz, postdoctoral teaching associate in Chemistry, will lead the discussion.