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  • Internet
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  • Wi-Fi
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One word:

  • database
  • download
  • hashtag
  • homepage
  • login (as an adjective: login name; as a noun: use your login to access your account)
  • metadata
  • microsite
  • multimedia
  • online
  • password
  • upload
  • username
  • webpage
  • website

Two words:

  • help desk
  • chat room
  • log in (as a verb: Log in to view the video.)

No hyphenation:

  • email

The proper term World Wide Web may be spelled out on first reference; however, it is acceptable to use “web” in all instances.

  • website, webpage, webcast, webinar, webmaster

When listing a specific website — sometimes referred to more precisely as a URL (uniform resource locator) — omit the “http://www.” that generally precedes all website addresses. This is universally understood and simplifies the address for easy reading.

  • Information is available at stedwards.edu.
  • Visit libr.stedwards.edu for access to our online catalog.

When listing a secure server, such as those used for online payments, list “https://” as part of the URL because the “s” after “http” indicates the site’s secure nature.