University Registered Trademarks

The legal name of the university (St. Edward’s University), Take on your world.®, Topper and all related registered trademarks are the property of St. Edward’s University. Any trademark which identifies or is associated with St. Edward’s University may not be used without prior expressed written permission from the Marketing Office.

The registered trademark symbol — ® — is used with the St. Edward’s University logo and the tagline: Take on your world. It is not used when referring to the university name in text. When the university logo and tagline are presented together, the ® symbol is used only with the tagline. The ® symbol is also used with the Topper logo, but not when referring to Topper in text.

St. Edward’s versus St. Ed’s

Our students and alumni affectionately refer to St. Edward’s University as “St. Ed’s.” In recognition of this preference, the St. Edward’s University Magazine was given a new name: St. Ed’s. Our style guidelines now allow the use of St. Ed’s in these circumstances:

  • When quoting an individual who refers to the university as St. Ed’s

  • In casual communications that target students and alumni, such as social media posts, event and reminder emails, and specific marketing messages

  • In the university magazine as appropriate to the context of an article

Continue to use the full name of the university in formal communications, in academic works, in news releases, on the university website, in presentations and in any communications that introduce the university to someone for the first time. 

Hilltop and Hilltoppers

The St. Edward’s campus is known as the hilltop, always spelled in lowercase in a sentence. Members of the St. Edward’s community can be referred to as Hilltoppers, always spelled with the “H” in uppercase. Example: More than 1,000 Hilltoppers live on the hilltop.