The official seal of the university is reserved for diplomas and commencement-related materials, presidential letters and other official documents.

All requests to use the seal on merchandise or other items with dignity and value must be approved prior to placing the order. In all cases, seek written approval to use the seal.

University Seal Usage Guidelines

  • Use the seal alone in its entirety.
  • Never change the size relationship among the various elements in the seal. 
  • Never distort the elements of the seal.
  • Like the master signature, the seal should not be cut apart, added to, stretched or otherwise compromised.
  • Never use a shadow on the elements of the seal.
  • Never use the elements of the seal with type inside of it.
  • Never combine the seal with another graphic, emblem or symbol.
  • Never use the seal on administrative forms, fliers, newsletters or general correspondence.

Usage of the seal should follow the same sizing, clear space and other usage guidelines as the logo. Approved colors for the seal are St. Edward’s Blue (PMS 281), St. Edward's Metallic Gold (PMS 8640), metallic silver (PMS 877) and black. The seal can also be used in St. Edward’s Blue only, all black only or all St. Edward's Metallic Gold only. No other colors or color combinations should be used.