Graduate Course Rotations and Schedules

The graduate course rotations detail the semesters in which graduate courses are offered through The Bill Munday School of Business. 

Students should refer to the course schedule to learn of classes that may be offered outside of a typical rotation or schedule. The Bill Munday School of Business reserves the right to modify the rotations of course offerings based on student enrollments, program changes, etc.

MACT - Master of Accounting

MACT courses are offered in rotation. Locate the course number and course title, and then determine the semester in which the course is offered under the "rotation" column. Advanced MACT accounting courses often have several accounting prerequisites. If you need to complete some or all of the accounting prerequisites, you may determine when they are offered in the table below. 

Most MACT courses require registration clearance every term. Please email the business school graduate advisor, Susy Graves, at sgraves [at] to receive clearance for your MACT courses. 

  • MACT Course Rotations

MBA - Master of Business Administration

Courses in the low-residency MBA program are offered in rotation. Use the information below to determine when courses are offered. Review the course schedule for additional advanced elective course options, or contact the business school graduate advisor for additional information.

  • MBA Course Rotations

MSLC - Master of Science in Leadership and Change

  • MSLC Course Rotations