Students, faculty/staff and alumni from The Bill Munday School of Business appear in local and national media outlets as both subjects and contributors of relevant and impactful business news.

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September 2016

Austin as Tech Hub: Myth or Reality?
Published: October 28, 2016  |  Austin Chronicle
“Almost exactly one year ago, a report from St. Edward's University ranked Austin first in the nation for the density of start-ups calling this city their home. However, the same report also highlighted the severe lack of capital required for any start-ups with potential to scale up and become more than just a good idea.”

How We Answer Big Questions: Students at St. Edward’s Put Curiosity into Action with Their Research Projects
Published: October 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
Students in Wesley Pollitte’s Marketing Research class are gathering data and drafting detailed reports on how likely consumers are to use particular products. Students in the Cost Accounting class are choosing a location for a hypothetical vegetable processing plant and calculating the relative costs with each location.

How to Build a Better Business Network
Published: October 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“Think of networking as a process – a series of luncheons, lectures, layovers and happy hours where relationships are strengthened one conversation and prosciutto-wrapped melon at a time.” – Dean Nancy Schreiber

Three Ways to Be Indispensable in Any Job
Published: October 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“As dean, I keep my pulse on the Austin job market. When I talk with CEOs and recruiters, I hear repeatedly that softer skills are in high demand – your abilities in these areas can really make or break your career.” – Dean Nancy Schreiber

Why “Fit” is Such a Big Deal
Published: October 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“The No. 1 reason people leave a job – or lose it – is cultural fit. But pairing your talents with a company that will appreciate and develop them is crucial to job satisfaction and performance.” – Dean Nancy Schreiber

Making It as a Hip-Hop Band: Two St. Edward’s Alumni Are Poised to Break Out
Published: October 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
Chris Beale ’12, Digital Media Management, and Megan Tillman ’14 joined forces in 2011 to establish Magna Carda, a hip-hop group whose innovative sound has gained a strong following in Austin. They performed at Austin City Limits this fall, as well as Sound on Sound Fest.

August 2016

The Water is Fine: Ricky Berens Makes a Flip Turn from Competitive Swimming to Business with the Help of the St. Edward’s MBA Program
Published: August 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“‘I swam for 20 years, and that was basically all I knew my entire life,’ he says. ‘Now I’m learning the business world, learning what it’s like to go to a job. It’s a whole new set of goals and challenges.’”

Stroke of Genius: Ricky Berens, an MBA Graduate from St. Edward’s, Shares Business Lessons from Competitive Swimming
Published: August 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“A recent graduate of the MBA program at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Berens applies concepts that helped him win in the pool to his new career.”

Lessons from an MBA to the Austin Economy: Ricky Berens, Former Olympian and Recent MBA Graduate, Shares How He’s Connected His Classes with the Austin Startup Community
Published: August 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“The MBA program at St. Edward’s has a very entrepreneurial spirit, which is perfect for Austin, where there’s a new company born every day.”

July 2016

Becoming a Member of the Academic Community
Published: July 12, 2016  |  Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division
“Being a member of my university’s faculty and of the entrepreneurship academic community is the greatest career change opportunity I could ever have imagined.” – Dr. David Altounian

How to Help Employees Love Their Jobs: Be the Type of Manager You Want to Work for and Help Retain Your Star Employees in the Process
Published: July 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“To help organizations thrive, managers must capitalize on their most critical resource: people. One powerful way to do this is to design jobs that keep employees motivated.”

How to Be an Effective Fraud Examiner: Here are the Skills These Experts Need to be Successful in Their Careers
Published: July 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“In the Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting course, students in the Master of Accounting program at St. Edward’s University examine how to prevent and detect occupational fraud.”

June 2016

Good for Everyone: Kathleen Wilburn Shares Why Corporate Social Responsibility is a Win-Win for All Involved
Published: June 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“Companies can have profit and social purpose, and neither is at the expense of the other.”

Leaps of Faith: What Happens When You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone? Great Things
Published: June 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“This summer, Alicia Olivier ’17 will spend a few days at work on Wall Street — the Finance major’s dream come true.”

Listen Up: From Topper Radio to Entrepreneur
Published: June 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“‘It was exhilarating,’ Phan says of her experience getting the organization off the ground. Equally gratifying, she says, has been watching Topper Radio continue to grow, even as her involvement has lessened.”

May 2016

So You Have a Million Dollar Idea: Now What?
Published: May 31, 2016  |  Austin Monthly
“David Altounian is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist who’s also an assistant professor of entrepreneurship at St. Edward’s University. He says that the single most important thing new entrepreneurs can do is connect with others like them.”

3 Lessons from a Winning Social Media Team: It Takes a Lot of Hard Work to Win, But It’s Worth It
Published: May 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“The team learned their social media savvy in my marketing classes and through individual coaching. They drew on their own skills in video production to tell the brand story of the institute through the lives of the people it has touched, then continued that story on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.” – Dr. Debra Zahay-Blatz

Helping Small Business Grow Big
Published: May 24, 2016  |  Small Business Festival
“Everybody’s concerned about big data, but for entrepreneurs, you really just need to focus on what’s the most important data for your company.” – Dr. Debra Zahay-Blatz

6 Questions for Building Your Ethical Foundation: Making Better Decisions, Being Respected and Long-Term Success Are Just Three of the Reasons Business Leaders Need Ethics
Published: May 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“Ethical decisions have real consequences, and often there is no obvious “right” answer. But ethics courses like Zehner’s can help future business leaders clarify and articulate their beliefs in ways that help them make smarter decisions, earn respect among their peers and customers, and propel the companies they lead to long-term success.”

We Are Austin: St. Edward’s University
Published: May 23, 2016  |  KEYE TV
“Employees today have to keep their skills sharp and their knowledge relevant.” – Dr. Nancy Schreiber, Dean

50 Influential People in Austin Tech You Should Follow on Twitter
Published: May 19, 2016  |  Built in Austin
"David Altounian, entrepreneur and professor; tweets about: tech entrepreneurship and digital media."

7 Questions to Make You a Better Leader: Your Friends, Family Members and Coworkers Just Might Hold the Secrets to Making You a More Effective Leader
Published: May 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“As Tom Sechrest explains, ‘When you talk to people who are important to you who are also leaders, you’ll listen more openly to the things they say are important.’”

7 Hilltoppers Named Arthur Ashe Scholars
Published: May 18, 2016  |  Hilltopper Athletics
“Seven student-athletes from St. Edward's have earned 2015-16 Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholars status, which recognizes those who have achieved high standards of scholarship, athleticism, and humanitarianism.”

For Entrepreneurs, Pitching to Pint-Sized Sharks is No Child’s Play
Published: May 12, 2016  |  NPR
“A few weekends ago, Texas entrepreneur Regina Vatterott stood in front of 50 people on the top floor of a startup hub in Austin. She was there to pitch her smart pillbox company, EllieGrid, to a panel of six judges.”

Marchesa, IBM Watson Design “Cognitive Dress” for Met Gala
Published: May 2, 2016  |  CBS News
"One of the things personally for me that really stood out -- I could see the idea of how this partnership brings the best of both sides. You can see how technology brings certain elements to the table. We were blown away by the designers' creativity and skill, but the ultimate dress, the technology is something neither side could do on their own." – Jeffrey Arn, Digital Media Management ’12

How to Make Better Decisions: Managers and Leaders Can Reach Better Solutions by Asking Better Questions
Published: May 2016  |  St. Edward’s University News Center
“‘Our human tendency is to have a problem, define it, and immediately move to a solution,’ says Sara Gibson. ‘Asking insightful questions helps people appreciate the complexity of many problems.’”