On-campus student employment at St. Edward’s University is offered through a wide variety of departments.  Students can be paid directly by the department of through a work study program. 

The work study program provides students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through part-time employment. Participants must have demonstrated financial need and have a work study award as part of their financial aid offer through the Office of Student Financial Services. Examples of jobs include tutors, office assistants, recreational assistants, facilities assistants, and event staff.  Each year, approximately two-hundred fifty students are funded for job opportunities through this program based on the work study allocation provided to the university by the state and federal governments.

Non-work study positions, paid directly by a department, enable students to work on-campus even though they do not have a work study award through the Office of Student Financial Services.  University departments hire approximately eight-hundred student employees under this program.  The large number of job opportunities funded by this program helps illustrate the investment university departments commit to student employees.