Residence Life provides the following services to enhance your campus living experience.

Submit a Maintenance Request

Campus residents that have emergency repairs such as broken water pipes, power outages, lock difficulties, or other safety/security hazards should immediately contact a Residence Life staff member. If you can't reach a staff member, contact University Police at 512-488-8444.

For routine repairs, fill out the maintenance request below, appropriate to the hall in which you live:

Facilities will not process requests sent to their office that do not come from Residence Life professional staff.

It is important to report minor problems before they become major problems. If a condition becomes worse because of failure to report the problem in a timely manner, residents may be assessed damage charges. Residents are asked to cooperate with the maintenance staff so repairs can be made as quickly as possible. The university reserves the right to enter an apartment to make needed repairs.       

Linens and Care Package Program

We are pleased to collaborate with On Campus Marketing (OCM) to purchase linen and care packages for campus residents.


All residence halls are furnished with extra-long mattresses, which require specially sized sheets, blankets, and comforters. The Pavilions apartments are furnished full size mattresses. OCM provides a large selection of custom-sized linens designed to fit your bed and last until graduation. OCM also has a variety of other items for your new room, including extra-long comforters, extra-long mattress pads, extra-long thermal blankets, pillows and storage solutions. Proceeds from your purchases are returned to Residence Life for programming.

Respond early to choose from the widest assortment of options. OCM’s residence hall bedding and accessories are ensured with a 100% satisfaction guarantee right up to graduation. If you are ever dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return your linens for a full refund.

Care Packages

Parents can send their student a care package. From finals-related care packages to Valentine’s Day treats, OCM provides a unique selection of gifts and care packages specially made for college students.