If you consider what you admire about the people you look up to, chances are it is their leadership qualities.

In the Leadership LLC, you'll be challenged to gain a greater understanding of what makes someone an inspirational leader. Whether you envision yourself leading a country, a brand, a classroom, a research team or a band, your experiences in this LLC will empower you to further develop your leadership qualities. You will live with your fellow LLC members in Hunt and Le Mans halls, participate in regularly-scheduled workshops led by faculty and staff members from across campus, learn from high-profile leaders in various fields, and engage in service projects in your community.

Apply to the Leadership LLC

When filling out the online housing application, select a bed in Hunt Hall, Rooms 202–264 and Le Mans Hall, Rooms 201–231. Leadership LLC STEM majors must select a bed between rooms 201 and 231.

Fall 2018 Courses