In the Holy Cross tradition, the International Immersion program strives to remind us that “we must make ourselves at home among more than one people or culture, reminding us again that the farther we go in giving , the more we stand to receive.” (Congregation of Holy Cross Constitution II, 17)

Community Building

Participants engage in a unique service experience with the L'Arche community in the city. L’Arche is an international organization, founded by theologian/philosopher Jean Vanier, that organizes and staffs communities for adults with mental and physical disabilities. The purpose of the ministry is to form community in order to heal the wounds from a world which often rejects people with disabilities. You can help by working directly with the core members of the communities (those with developmental disabilities) and their assistants. Days may be spent working in the community's workshop or around the houses.

One Love, One Heart

JANUARY 2-9, 2016

Mustard Seed Communities began in 1978 in the impoverished community of Mona Common on the outskirts of Kingston, Jamaica, as a home for a handful of abandoned and disabled children. Today they serve over 500 children, young adults and families who belong to the most vulnerable groups in Jamaican society. The populations of their homes include children and young adults with disabilities, children affected by HIV/AIDS and teen mothers along with their babies. You'll contribute to their mission of creating an environment for spiritual, physical and emotional development.

Orphan Outreach

Abhayadhama Human Development Center provides a stable environment for the rehabilitation of street boys and economic orphans. The name Abhayadhama is derived from two Sanskrit words: abhaya, meaning without fear, and dhama, meaning home. Time at the center time is spent working directly with the boys in a student-designed and led “summer camp,” along with Holy Cross and lay staff members. 

Poverty and Education

The Congregation of Holy Cross has been working in the area since 1963, always working with the poor and trying to build up the local church.

Holy Cross sponsors several organizations:

  • Fe y Alegria, a grammar and high school
  • Yancana Huasy, a special school for the mentally and physically challenged
  • Lord of Hope Parish

You can be part of the great work being done. Immersion participants volunteer side-by-side with Holy Cross religious and very dedicated lay people. Time is spent on various projects that benefit the community at that particular time. In years past, participants have helped in classrooms, assisted in home visits, cleaned and painted and interacted with the students. 

For more information, contact Liza Manjarrez.