Leadership opportunities for students who have an interest in fostering their talents, awareness and vision in the area of religious diversity include:

Team Leaders for The Well

Team leaders for The Well, an all-Christian Sunday worship, assist in the planning, liturgy and logistics of this weekly ecumenical monthly worship service for Christians of all denominations and backgrounds in a Taizé format. The service offers another space and place for members of the campus community to gather for worship and seeks to contribute to the spiritual diversity of St. Edward’s.

Team Leadership for Christian Unity Week (CUW)

CUW occurs January 18-22 each year and is dedicated to building bridges between the various Christian denominations and traditions around the common unity in Christ Jesus. The weeks consists of various activities and events that seek to educate Christians and others about the Christian tradition in order to foster greater understanding and cooperation, while respecting the unique differences from across the traditions. Team leaders must value the contributions of the various branches of Christianity, while also desiring unity within the Christian tradition.

Council Members of the Interfaith Leadership Council (ILC) 

Council members work to assess the campus environment in order to identify needs in service of our religiously diverse community. The council works closely with the peer minister for religious diversity and interfaith life.

Assist campus minister with planning of special interreligious programs.

For more information on any of these leadership opportunities mentioned above, contact James Puglisi.

Additional leadership opportunities area available with the various student groups: FCA, MSA, Hillel Toppers, CORE and COTB.