Have you had a great experience on a St. Edward's University retreat? Want to help create that experience for others?  There are several ways to get involved in retreat ministry

Retreat Team Member

Each year teams of sophomores, juniors and seniors are selected to serve on one of three retreats: Freshmen Escape, Emerge Retreat and Mystery of Faith Retreat. Team members report to the peer minister and campus minister for retreats. Retreat team duties/expectations include the following:

  • Commit to weekly team meetings for 6 weeks of preparation leading up to the retreat
  • Contribute creatively to developing the content of the retreat
  • Invite students to attend the weekend
  • Lead small group discussions
  • Give a talk/reflection or lead a retreat activity
  • Have the ability to work well as a team member
  • Have some retreat experience
  • Assist in evaluation and follow up after retreat

Retreat Logistics Coordinator

The logistics coordinator for retreats handles many of the behind-the-scenes tasks that are necessary to make a retreat run smoothly. She/he reports to the peer minister and campus minister for retreats and the primary duties include:

  • Attending all Retreat Team meetings for 6 weeks leading up to each retreat
  • Creating lyrics slideshows of all music used on the retreat
  • Creating introduction videos as needed
  • Gathering all necessary technology including projector, laptop, cables, tripod, camera, video camera, etc.
  • Arriving at the retreat site early to set up
  • Providing a welcoming and prayerful atmosphere as a key member of the retreat team
  • Being in continuous communication with the emcee and music minister to meet the needs of the group and manage adjustments to the schedule
  • Coordinating the projection of music lyrics and all other technology as needed
  • Taking photos throughout the retreat and creating a photo slideshow to present at the end of the retreat
  • Assisting in evaluation and follow-up after each retreat

Music Minister 

The music minister for retreats reports to the peer minister and campus minister for retreats. Her/his duties include:

  • Select music that will be played on the retreat
  • Consult with team members giving talks about their song selections
  • Provide lyrics for PowerPoint slides
  • Compile a playlist and make CDs for retreatants
  • Attend all Retreat Team meetings for 6 weeks leading up to each retreat
  • Make arrangements for all musical equipment needed on retreat
  • Arrive at retreat site early to set up
  • Provide a welcoming, energetic and prayerful atmosphere through leading music and prayer
  • Be in continuous communication with emcee and technology person, and be prepared to play songs at a moment’s notice
  • Assist in evaluation and follow up after each retreat

Assist campus minister with retreat planning and facilitation.

For more information on any of the leadership opportunities mentioned above, contact Josh Stagni.