Finding a Part-Time Job On-or Off-Campus

Need some spending money while in college? Don't worry, we'll help you find a part-time job!

Find a Part-Time Job On or Off Campus in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Set up your Hilltop Careers Account

To access on-campus and off-campus job postings you must set up your Hilltop Careers account.

Take a look at this guide and video for detailed instructions.

Step 2: Search for a Part-Time Job on Hilltop Careers

The Hilltop Careers job search process is explained in detail in the Step 2 video. After watching the video, read the REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION information for working on-campus or off-campus.

Watch this video to learn how to find part-time jobs in Hilltop Careers.

Required Documentation to Work On-Campus

Remember that work-study is awarded on July 1st.

New students working on campus for the first time must show proof of their eligibility to work in the United States. You can save yourself time and paperwork by completing an I-9 form during orientation. To complete this form, please bring the following to Student Financial Services in Main Building 204. In addition, you will also need to provide one of these forms of identification:

  • Driver’s license/state ID card or
  • Military dependent’s ID card or
  • Voter’s registration card or
  • U.S. Passport

In addition to providing identification verification from one of the above documents, you will also need to show your:

  • U.S. Social Security card or
  • Original or certified copy of birth certificate

Note: Original documentation required (no copies of documents are accepted) and documentation must be unexpired

Required Documentation to Work Off-Campus

When you apply for an on-campus job, you may be asked to fill out an Application form, sometimes before and sometimes on the day of an interview, and you may be asked to present similar documentation as listed above. Any student who is searching for a job should always have this kind of documentation with them and available upon request by an employer.

On-campus student employees registered for at least 6 credit hours at St. Edward’s will be automatically exempted from FICA (Social Security and Medicare) federal tax withholdings.

Note: Original documentation required (no copies of documents are accepted) and documentation must be unexpired.


Step 3: Develop a Resume and Apply for a Job

Whether you apply for an on-campus or off-campus job you will always need a current resume.

Refer to this Resume Guide and video for tips on creating a resume and the application process.

Step 4: Need More Help? Visit Our Office

If you still have questions about finding a part-time job or about resumes, you can do the following:

  1. Visit Career and Professional Development in Moody Hall 134
  2. Call (512) 448-8530 to schedule an appointment
  3. Email your resume to our Resume Drop-Off Service at seu.careerplan [at]
  4. Contact our Virtual Career Advisor
  5. Attend weekly Meet-Up events in Moody Hall 134 during the fall and spring semesters
  6. Come in during walk-in hours, Mondays - Fridays from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.