What is the CCT?
The Center for Counselor Training (CCT) was created to give graduate students of the MAC program a place to practice counseling skills. There are 4 counseling rooms in the CCT and 1 viewing room. The 4 counseling rooms are comprised of 1 individual counseling room, 2 couples or family counseling rooms, and 1 group therapy room. All of these counseling rooms have audio and video recording at all times. Please be mindful of what you are saying even outside of the practice sessions, as these recordings cannot be deleted on demand.

Where is the CCT is located?
The CCT is located in East Hall; please view the map showing where East Hall and the lab are located. East Hall is across from the baseball field;  the entrance to the CCT is on the Southeast corner of the building. There is a marque outside the door with the CCT name on it. The door is automatically locked at all times. Please knock or ring the bell to be let in.

Hours of operation
Entrance into the CCT outside of classroom times is by appointment only with the lab manager, Karen Collett. You can email her at kcollet@stedwards.edu or call her at 512-428-1242 to make your appointment. There are many students using the CCT to complete various assignments so you might have fewer time options available if you wait until the last minute to make an appointment.

On your first day of class, you will receive a copy of the Quick Start & Troubleshooting Guide for Students  (you may download it and additional copies are available in the viewing room of the CCT).

Downloading Sessions
When you want to view the video session, you will typically follow a two-step process on your computer:

  1. Download the video file from your Box storage area to your computer, and
  2. View the video (preferable using VLC—see below.

Sessions are downloaded as AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) files. AVI files are best viewed with a free program called VLC; it can be downloaded from the VLC download page.

VLC really shines with regards to transcribing sessions in that it has a keyboard shortcut that allows you to skip backwards 10 seconds in the video; this is invaluable for reviewing the segment of video you just transcribed to make sure you got it right. This keyboard shortcut is Alt + Left Arrow on computers running Windows, and Option + Command + Left Arrow on computers running Mac OS X.

Every student is given an Box account, which is a HIPAA–approved online file storage application. Using Box, students can upload exported videos from the computers at the CCT, and download those videos to any computer that is connected to the web. Each student has 50 GB of storage on Box, which should be more than enough to hold exported videos. The Quick Start & Troubleshooting Guide for Students has instructions for logging into Box. You can find more about Box at the Computer Help Desk Box help page.

Computer skills
The CCT’s software is the newest technology so basic computer skills are helpful. St. Edward’s offers computer training for those who would like to brush up on their computer skills; see OIT's Computer Training page for more information.

The CCT does have a small kitchen with a small refrigerator, microwave, and a Keurig coffee maker. You are welcome to bring snacks, make coffee, or use the microwave. There is also paper plates and plastic silverware. If you use the coffee maker, please place used Keurig Vue cups in the sink; after they cool, I peel the filter off so that we can recycle the plastic.

Lost and Found
Items that are left behind in the lab will be stored on top of the desk just inside the main door to the CCT.