For Individuals

The CTE director offers confidential individual instructional consultations to all faculty members—adjunct or tenure-line—who wish to discuss specific teaching concerns or ideas. Individual consultations are confidential, non-evaluative, and free of charge. Consultations enable faculty members to talk with a teaching expert about their teaching, be observed, or learn about resources that may help them solve problems or learn new ideas. Consultations are available on a wide range of topics, including designing syllabi, designing learning outcomes, obtaining student feedback, communicating effectively, and creating active learning environments.

The consultation process is driven by the faculty member's goals. Instructors choose from a highly-targeted, short-term consultation to address specific teaching goals, or may wish to engage in more long-term, ongoing work.

  • Short-term consultations may address specific instructional questions or problems, and may be conducted via email and phone as well as in person.
  • Long-term, or in-depth consultations generally include the following phases: clarification of goals; review of teaching issues (e.g. review of course materials, feedback from students, or classroom observation); analysis of information; gathering resources; and setting goals.

Consultations may include:
   - discussions over the phone
   - in-person meetings
   - classroom observations and feedback
   - video recording of classroom teaching
   - email exchanges about issues or for sharing resources

During the consultation process, the consultant and instructor will work together to determine goals, identify what is going well and what might merit attention, and develop strategies for making the needed changes.

The consultaton process is collaborative and non-evaluative. As a result, CTE consultants do not evaluate faculty for tenure and promotion or hiring processes, nor do they write recommendation letters.

For departments and schools
The CTE director also consults with departments and schools and can tailor programs to suit the needs of faculty members in a particular area.

To request a consultation
Contact the CTE director, Julie Sievers, to request a consultation.