The Innovation Fellowship

The Office of Academic Affairs, the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Munday Library, and the Department of Instructional Technology of St. Edward’s University annually support a cohort of faculty who are interested in engaging in pedagogical innovation and in incorporating teaching practices that research shows have a high impact on student learning.  This fellowship provides support, resources, and expertise for conducting a course redesign to include pedagogical experimentation in their courses. 

Fellowship Areas of Focus for 2016-2017

This year there are two special types of innovation fellowships.  These fellows will work engage with colleagues advocating in these areas on campus.  They are:

  • Global Innovation Fellows: These fellows will focus on global learning by increasing opportunities for students and faculty to make global connections in and out of the classroom or as part of a study abroad experience.  
  • Diversity Innovation Fellows: These fellows will focus on increasing opportunities for students to engage with questions of diversity, particularly with regard to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and/or sexuality, through course materials, assignments, and/or activities.  

We also particularly encourage applications with a focus on: 

  • Community-Based and Service Learning: Increasing opportunities for community-based or service learning and engagement;
  • Social Justice: Increasing opportunities for students to develop in ethical reasoning or engage with social justice problems as a means to clarifying their personal values, recognizing their responsibility to the world community, and/or acting to seek justice and peace;
  • Digital Learning: Incorporating educational technologies that transform learning and prepare graduates to collaborate, communicate, create, and compete in the cloud for their community and career;
  • Use of Global Digital Classroom (GDC):  Using the GDC to connect students with scholars and/or students around the world, whether through guest lectures, collaborative assignments, and/or fully synchronized class(es).
  • High-Impact Practices: Incorporating high-impact practices to achieve university essential learning outcomes;
  • Authentic Student Research: Creating a research-rich curriculum, especially by embedding authentic research into courses;
  • Other strategies for improving student learning and success that utilize new or evidence-based teaching practices and require significant course redesign.


Meet the Fellows
 - 2014-15 Innovation Fellows
 - 2015-16 Innovation Fellows
 - 2016-17 Innovation Fellows


Learn More

For details about the Innovation Fellowship requirements and activities, see the 2016-17 Call for Proposals

For details about previous Innovation Fellows and the Innovation Institute, visit the Innovation Fellowship website.



The Innovation Institute

To prepare the fellows for their pedagogical experiment, all fellows are required to participate in the Innovation Institute, usually held in the final two weeks of May. 

The goals of the Institute are:

  • to create a community of pedagogical innovation at St. Edward’s University among Innovation Fellows;
  • to prepare Innovation Fellows to be innovation leaders on campus;
  • to prepare Innovation Fellows to begin work on their course redesign;
  • to introduce a variety of pedagogical approaches.

The Institute consists of three components:

  • individual project planning time
  • 20-23 hours spent in on-campus seminars and workshops with other fellows.
  • and collaboration via the Innovation Fellowship blog, Twitter, and other tools.


Recent Institutes

- May 2015 Innovation Institute
- May 2016 Innovation Institute (TBA)