New Faculty Orientation (for all new faculty)

Tuesday, January 5, 8:00 - 3:00, Mabee Ballrooms
Monday, August 22, 8:00 - 3:00, Main Building, Maloney Room
Orientation, lunch meetings with colleagues, and Canvas training. 


New Faculty Orientation Resource Guide

The New Faculty Orientation Resource Guide contains practical information and links for new faculty members.


New Faculty Seminar (for new full-time faculty)

In order to help new full-time faculty transition to St. Edward's, all new tenure-track and non-tenure-track full-time faculty participate in the New Faculty Seminar.  We meet three times in the fall and three in the spring.  New faculty are joined at these meeting by a group of peer mentors -- faculty who are several years ahead of you in their SEU careers who wish to get to know you and support you.  Faculty are not assigned to any individual peer mentor.  Rather, the peer mentors will be participating in the meetings as a group — to enable new faculty to expand their network here at St. Edward’s and get to know other faculty who are several years ahead in their careers at St. Ed’s.  Most of the peer mentors will be 4-6 years into their St. Ed’s careers — far enough along to know the terrain, but not so far ahead that they’ve forgotten what it was like to be new.  If you wish, the peer mentors are also willing to meet with you individually or have you come visit one of their classes.  This program was designed with the input of recent new faculty members to help make the transition to St. Edward’s as successful as possible.  

Meeting 1: Learn about St. Ed’s students (demographics, academic characteristics, campus culture) with Traci Manier, VP of Admissions.  Learn from other faculty about the teaching and learning culture on campus - how students are likely to behave in your courses, what you may experience with students’ expectations for classroom and online interactions, workload, and assignments.  At this meeting, you’ll also receive a brief intro to the professional development opportunities available this year and how to plan to apply for them.

Meeting 2: This session will focus on your professional development agenda.  You will learn more about applying for Presidential Excellence Research Grants for summer research, the course releases available through SPICE (Scholarship, Pedagogical Innovation, Creative Expression) awards, the Innovation Fellowship (for pedagogical innovation), and TLTR pilot grants (to receive start-up funds for pedagogical projects requiring technology purchases).  You will learn how to find out about other faculty member’s scholarship or pedagogical development work.  We will also help you become more familiar with evaluation guidelines and the annual evaluation process.  

Meeting 3: In this highly interactive session, one of our goals will be to help you workshop, in discussion with other new faculty and the peer mentors, the teaching experiences / challenges you’ve faced at St. Ed’s so far.  We’ll talk further about grading, rubrics and “rubrics culture,” and end-of-term grade distributions.  You will also learn more about the general education revision process currently underway at St. Edward's.  

Meeting 4:  This session will introduce new fauclty to the research on time management strategies for teaching and other aspects of faculty work.  The Faculty Senate president will also introduce new faculty to shared governance processes and ways to get involved.

Meeting 5: This session focuses on the university’s history and Holy Cross character and mission, and how these connect to our distinctive general education approach. 

Meeting 6:  The final session of the year will be a hands-on workshop and panel discussion focused on writing the annual self-evaluation.  


New Faculty Seminar Peer Mentors, 2015-16

- Kristy Kay Ballard - Assoc. Professor, Kinesiology (School of Education)
- Sherman Casey - Asst. Professor, Mathematics (School of Natural Sciences)
- Amy Clements - Asst. Professor, Literature, Writing, and Culture (School of Humanities)
- Raelynn Deaton - Asst. Professor, Biological Sciences (School of Natural Sciences)
- Mike Disch - Assoc. Professor, Psychology (School of Behavioral & Social Sciences)
- Laura Hernandez Ehrisman - Assoc. Professor, University Studies (School of Education)
- Kate Lopez - Asst. Professor, Accounting (Munday School of Business)
- Stephanie Martinez - Assoc. Professor, Communication (School of Humanities)
- Rodrigo Nunes - Assoc. Professor, Global Studies (School of Behavioral & Social Sciences)
- Georgia Seminet - Asst. Professor, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (School of Humanities)
- Hilal Yilmaz - Asst. Professor, Economics (Munday School of Business)