Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Teaching Exchange

Originally created by three faculty members in 2007, the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Teaching Exchange Program was created to give St. Edward's instructors the opportunity to learn about teaching from one another and to build mutually supportive relationships with colleagues.  The program is open to all St. Edward's faculty -- full-time (both tenure-track and non-tenure-track), part-time, adjunct, and staff who teach.

How Does It Work? 

In the P2P program, faculty are matched into pairs for one semester for an exchange of feedback and ideas. Pairs may focus on one or more of the following activities:
          - exchange classroom observation visits and feedback
          - review one another's course materials (syllabi, overall course design, assignments, rubrics, classroom activities, etc.)

Participants agree to complete the following activities:
          - beginning-of-semester preparation workshop
          - meeting(s), as needed, with P2P partner - to discuss observations, course materials, or SoTL materials                  
          - mid-semester check-in
          - end-of-semester self-assessment (brief)

Meeting Schedule                                                                         

Friday, January 29, 1-2 pm (location TBA)  - Preparation & Matching Workshop
+ meetings as necessary, determined by you and your P2P partner 

How Do I Sign Up?

Register here to sign up for the current semester of the P2P program.

Resources and Support

Resources are available to support the work of P2P partners at the beginning-of-semester kickoff meeting.  These resources include:
          - sample classroom observation forms and guidance on how to conduct a peer observation
          - articles and books on relevant teaching topics, such as: effective course design, syllabus design, assignment design, rubric design, or classroom activities
          - meetings, if desired, with the CTE director to discuss issues the P2P pair is working on


To learn more about the P2P program, contact the Center for Teaching Excellence.