Your consideration of St. Edward's University may begin with the basics: academic majors, study abroad opportunities, or the quality of our facilities

As your interest grows, and the conversation goes deeper, you may ask, what values does St. Edward's stand for?

St. Edward's: Reflection and Change

In the mid-1990s, St. Edward's University identified several initiatives that would define its future. One called for more experiential learning. The other confirmed that our Holy Cross and Catholic heritage, and a spoken commitment to the dignity of all individuals, should translate into a greater emphasis on ethics and leadership.

Since then, the Center for Ethics and Leadership has stepped forward, challenging us all with important questions about ethics and leadership, such as, How might we best translate our beliefs about morality so as to lead a life of human flourishing?

Programs and Activities

As a student at St. Edward's University, you'll find the Center for Ethics and Leadership at work in both visible and quiet ways:

  • Fusion Discussion Group: bringing faculty, staff and students together to discuss such topics as the role of gender in leadership.
  • Most Reverend John McCarthy Lecture Series on the Catholic Church in the 21st Century: academic dialogues that underscore the university's commitment to its Catholic roots and Holy Cross heritage.
  • Passion & Civility Student Debate Tournament: challenging students to define a more civil and productive discourse.
  • A Gathering of Faiths: day-long religious exploration with displays and presentations highlighting the common pursuit of faith and understanding in the sciences, music, fine arts and performance.

The Center fosters new programs in ethics and provides support and training to advance faculty, staff and student understanding and commitment to these goals. The Center also initiates cooperative efforts to reach beyond our campus and support the development of ethical integrity and leadership in our communities.