Teaching is at the very core of our Holy Cross tradition of academic excellence. 

Students benefit from an active and rigorous learning environment that is constantly refined toward a common goal — to inspire to think, learn and grow beyond expectations.

Our History

Established in 1991, the Center for Teaching Excellence grew from the desire to continually elevate the learning experience for students at St. Edward’s. Through the center, faculty members come together to share ideas and strategies for successful teaching. They learn practical and inventive ways to improve teaching methods and respond to the various learning needs of students.

Our Goals

The Center for Teaching Excellence focuses on a variety of activities designed to maximize the St. Edward’s educational experience, which include:

  • Supporting effective and innovative teaching that enables student learning
  • Advancing new initiatives in teaching and learning
  • Facilitating a culture of continuous teaching improvement
  • Building communities of teaching and learning among departments, colleges, career stages
  • Offering recognition and rewards for demonstrated excellence in teaching
  • Providing career support for faculty at all stages of their St. Edward's career

Our Mission

The Center for Teaching Excellence fosters a diversity of teaching and learning styles. It assists faculty in developing courses, offers resources for teachers and collaborates with professors to utilize technology in the classroom. Teachers gain creative insights for sharing their knowledge — and teaching students how to learn.

The Center for Teaching Excellence promotes effective, innovative, and evidence-based college teaching that cultivates significant learning for St. Edward's students. The center fosters a campus culture that values a diversity of learning, teaching, and disciplinary styles; assists St. Edward's faculty in developing courses and assignments; and facilitates the exchange of ideas about teaching and learning among faculty.  

We support faculty work in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and we offer resources, drawn from the research about teaching and learning, to enable faculty to use scholarly teaching approaches.  With the Department of Instructional Technology and the Munday Library, we support a culture of innovation in teaching and help faculty learn about teaching technologies that support rich student learning experiences. 

We also support new faculty with orientation and ongoing programs and assist the departments, schools, and university with teaching initiatives.  Finally, we recognize outstanding teachers with teaching awards.  

Advisory Board

Alex Barron, Assistant Professor, University Studies

Mary Brantl, Associate Professor, Art History

Mike Disch, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Ruby Leon, Student Government Association

Chris Mosier, Associate Director, Instructional Technology

Janelle Nacpil, Student Government Association          

Michael Saclolo, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Danney Ursery, Professor, Philosophy

Kathleen Wilburn, Professor, Management

Innovation Fellows

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Innovation Fellowship recipients:

Shannon Baley, Visiting Assistant Professor, University Studies
Innovation Fellow | American Dilemmas/ Living Newspaper

Patricia J. Baynham, Professor, Biology
Global Innovation Fellow | Embedding Australia into Biology 1305

Lisa M. Goering, Professor, Biology
Global Innovation Fellow | Evolution Down Under, Capstone with Australia topics

Jennifer Jefferson, Visiting Assistant Professor, University Studies
Innovation Fellow | The American Experience

Katherine Lopez, Assistant Professor, Accounting
Innovation Fellow | Intermediate Accounting

Jack Musselman, Associate Professor, Philosophy
Innovation Fellow | Legal Ethics

Georgia Seminet, Associate Professor, Spanish
Innovation Fellow | Mexican Literature of the XXth and XXIst Centuries

Amy Nathan Wright, Visiting Assistant Professor, University Studies
Diversity Innovation Fellow | Domestic Academic Travel Experience


The Center for Teaching Excellence offers a variety of programs to improve teaching at the university, including:

  • Consultations
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Circles
  • Books & Coffee Reading and Discussion Group
  • New Faculty Support
  • Innovation Fellowships and Institute
  • Peer-to-peer teaching exchange
  • Teaching Symposium
  • Workshops, seminars, and learning communities
  • Resources, including a library of print books and numerous digital teaching guides and articles
  • Programs for departments and schools are also available upon request.