CAMP Support Overview

CAMP at St. Edward's works to ensure that every CAMP freshman has access to support services and available resources in order to be successful on the hilltop during their first year.  In order to help achieve this success, CAMP scholars are required to maintain good academic standing, attend mandatory CAMP sponsored events, and continue to make satisfactory progress.

Peer Academic Coaches

All incoming CAMP students will be assigned a Peer Academic Coach/Mentor for the Fall semester. This program pairs freshmen CAMP students with upperclass CAMP students who have successfully completed their first year at St. Edward's.

This mentor/mentee relationship helps to provide students with some of the tools necessary for success in higher education.  Meetings will occur weekly and will revolve around topics such as:

  • Learning Styles
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Addressing Homesickness
  • Exploring Majors

For further information on Peer Academic Coaching, contact the CAMP office at 512-448-8625.

Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

CAMP students are eligible for free tutoring and are required to complete a specified number of hours per week. The Academic Counseling and Support Programs provide all St. Edward's students with peer/group tutoring and supplemetal instruction sessions.

  • Peer Tutoring for undergraduate students is one-on-one help from carefully selected and trained students who have taken and excelled in the course they tutor. The first session is free!
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides free review sessions for some of the most challenging courses. SI sessions are led by student leaders who did well in the course and are recommended by faculty. The weekly sessions are interactive and focus on the main concepts of the class. Data shows that students who attend SI regularly earn better grades!

Find ouf how Peer Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction can help you academically.

CAMP Monthly Meetings

All freshmen CAMP students are required to attend the CAMP Monthly Meetings.  Held on the last Monday of each month, meetings will cover important information, provide a venue for questions and answers, and feature special guests.

Fall 2016 CAMP Monthly Meetings

All CAMP Monthly Meetings start at 5:30 p.m.

August 29, 2016 JBWS - Carter Auditorium
September 26, 2016 JBWS - Carter Auditorium
October 31, 2016 JBWS - Carter Auditorium
November 28, 2016 JBWS - Carter Auditorium

Monthly Meetings with CAMP Academic Counselor

All incoming CAMP Freshmen are required to meet a minimum of once a month each semester with the CAMP Academic Counselor.  Academic counseling has two primary goals; to give students tools to succeed during the first year of college and to faciliate the social and academic transition from high school to college.  During meetings, students will be advised on setting semester academic goals, discuss career options and resume building activities, and explore the issues and challenges of college life.

CAMP Writing Workshops

St. Edward's University emphasizes good writing skills for all of its students.  To assist students with navigating their writing assignments CAMP students are required to attend weekly Writing Workshops. Students receive individual and group support to work on improving their grammar, writing style, and development of overall writing skills.

CAMP Science Skills Workshops

Science Skills Workshops are provided weekly in the fall semester for all CAMP freshman Natural Science majors to provide them support in an academically rigorous curriculum.  The workshops are led by upperclass peer mentors majoring in the Natural Sciences who focus on tutoring, organization, and academic strategies specific to Natural Science majors.  In addition, students are counseled on committing and continuing as a Natural Science major.


Financial Support

Students are paired with a St. Edward’s financial services advisor who will work with them throughout their time at St. Edward’s — answering questions and informing them about payment options.

While the basic mission of CAMP is to provide support to complete the first two semesters of college, St. Edward's is committed to you through graduation. We guarantee three additional years of university grants if you maintain satisfactory progress toward a degree.

Grants & Loans

During the freshman year as a CAMP student at St. Edward’s, each student will receive a financial aid package to cover their college expenses, including:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Books and supplies
  • On-campus housing and a meal plan
  • Travel stipend
  • Health insurance
  • A modest monthly living stipend

Student financial aid package may include federal, state, and institutional grants and will usually cover almost all expenses for the first year except $2,000. Students may choose to pay the $2,000 by accepting a student loan given to them by St. Edward’s. Instead of loans, many students secure outside scholarships to pay the remaining $2,000.

Ongoing Financial Support

While the basic mission of CAMP is to help students complete their first two semesters of college, our commitment to them continues through graduation. In fact, we guarantee four additional years of grants from St. Edward’s if students maintain satisfactory progress toward a degree.

CAMP Freshman Support Services

CAMP Enrichment Week (Orientation)

Our goal for Enrichment Week is to provide incoming CAMP freshmen with activities, classes and new experiences to acquaint them with all aspects of CAMP and St. Edward's University.  During Enrichment Week students:

  • Familiarize themselves with the St. Edward's University campus
  • Explore the services and organizations that make St. Edward's and CAMP such a remarkable place
  • Attend a Welcome Luncheon to meet St. Edward's faculty and administrative staff
  • Participate in a weekend team building ropes course component held off-campus at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch
  • Attend informational sessions to prepare for the academic year

Migrant Experience Groups (MEGs)

In addition to academic support, Migrant Experience Groups (MEGs) were created to assist first-year students with their psycho-social transition from high school to college.  Each group consists of approximately ten CAMP students with two staff facilitators and meets weekly for one hour.  While attendance is required, students will always be given a choice about the personal information they disclose.  The MEGs meet only in the fall semester.

MEGs provide:

  • A supportive atmosphere to discuss the challenges and rewards of college life
  • Ways to explore how their culture and migrant experience have impacted them
  • Discussions on topics such as leaving home and family, adjusting to college classes and roommates, relationships, cultural identity and pride, family and personal values, among other topics

Fall 2016 MEG Schedule - TBA


CAMP Personal Counselor

CAMP provides students with access to a Psychological Counselor via CAMP walk-in hours and/or scheduled appointments. While students ultimately have a choice in seeking out the personal counselor, doing so can play an important role in helping them reach their full potential.

Personal counseling provides:

  • A safe and confidential setting for student to explore and express feelings, to examine their beliefs, ways of thinking, and patterns of behavior in order to make healthy changes
  • Help for students to develop better coping and decision-making skills, increase their self-confidence and ability to have fulfilling relationships, and improve awareness of their own needs and those of others
  • Help in managing the situations related to their daily life as a college student

Fall 2016 Walk-in Hours - TBA

A student may schedule an initial consultation at the Health and Counseling Center  by phone (512-448-8538) or in person (Lady Bird Johnson Hall Ste.100). Counseling sessions are typically scheduled for 45-50 minutes. Clients who are more than 15 minutes late for their scheduled appointment may be asked to receive a shortened session or be asked to reschedule the appointment.

Cultural Expressions Workshops

In the spring semester the CAMP Psychological Counselor holds Cultural Expressions Workshops once a month.  The workshops allow CAMP freshmen students to explore topics such as:

  • Assertiveness Training
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Cultural Identity

Off-campus Activities

In addition to the support listed above, CAMP supports community engagement and access to the arts and culture.

Below is a list of programs services, and opportunites coordinated by CAMP for its students.

Civic Engagement

  • The Annual Cesar E. Chavez "Si Se Puede" March celebrates the legacy of Cesar E. Chavez - one of the most important social justice activists of the 20th century. Sponsored by People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources (PODER) the march is held each year in March and highlights workers' rights, environmental justice, civil rights, and equality for all.

  • The National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge celebrates the legacy of Cesar E. Chavez by encouraging college students to promote health educatiion, promote health and science careers, give back to the community, and save lives!  In collaboration with the Migrant Students Foundation, CAMP at St. Edward's joins other college campuses across the nation in one of the largest health service learning initiatives in the nation.
  • The American Diabetes Association's Annual Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes works to educate and raise awareness about diabetes.  It is the American Diabetes Association's signature fundraising walk.

  • The Write a Letter to a Soldier Campaign is organized by the St. Edward's University's Office of Veterans Affairs and Campus Ministry.  Each year on Veteran's Day, students are asked to write letters to currently deployed service members to show appreciation for their service.

Arts & Culture

  • Night of Community - Through the support of Ballet Austin and its sponsors, CAMP students are able to attend free of charge the final dress rehearsals of each seasons' productions.

  • Access Opera -  Austin Lyric Opera offers CAMP students free tickets to attend Austin Opera final dress rehearsals at the Long Center for the Performing Arts. This provides many students their first opportunity to experience live opera.