General Questions

Can I take two CLEP exams on the same day?

No. You can only take one exam per testing session.

What classes are available to test out of?

Each university determines which credit by exam tests to accept for specific courses and the required score testing candidates need for course credit. Non-SEU testing candidates should check with their schools about required scores and equivalents. The CLEP and DSST equivalents page lists information specific to St. Edward's.

What test should I take?

You should speak with your academic advisor to determine what credit by exam tests to take and how those tests will affect your college transcript.

What should I expect on exam day?

All tests take place in JBWS 361 (map of St. Edward's University) on Fridays at 1:30 pm. Testing candidates should arrive 5 minutes before the start time. Testing candidates must bring a government issued photo ID that includes your name, signature, and a photo is required to test (examples include driver’s license, state ID card, passport).

Use of cell phones, smart watches, tablets, books, and calculators is not allowed during the exam (with the exception of some DSST exams). If a calculator is permitted for use on a CLEP exam, there will be one available on the computer through the testing software. There is no admittance to the testing room 30 minutes after the test session has begun. Testing candidates who fail to show on time must repeat the entire registration process.

Testing candidates will check into the testing session by signing in when they first enter the testing room, present their ID to the testing administrator, pay the $35 administrative fee with a credit or debit card, and if taking the CLEP, present their testing voucher as well. The candidate will then be assigned to a testing station. DSST candidates paying with a credit card will make payments at their testing stations once they have logged into the testing software.

How do I transfer my CLEP/DSST credit? Why is my CLEP/DSST credit not transferring?

Each college determines which CLEP/DSST exams will be accepted for credit and what credits a CLEP/DSST exam will award you. Therefore, CLEP and DSST credits do not always transfer from one university to another. If you are transferring to a new university you should consult your academic advisor to see what CLEP/DSST credits your new university accepts.

For more information about transferring credit for CLEP, look at requesting a transcript.

For more information about transferring credit for DSST, look at requesting a transcript.

What if I require testing accommodations?

CLEP: The College Board requires documentation of a disability to allow testing accommodations. When you fill out the Reservation Request Form, please indicate that you are requesting accommodations based on a disability.

  • If you are a current student at St. Edward's and registered with Student Disability Services, the CLEP/DSST Testing Coordinator will reach out to SDS to verify your registration and approved accommodations. Your exam date may need to be rescheduled depending on accommodation determination and implementation. The Testing Coordinator will reach out to you via email to indicate the status of your request and any further information/coordination that is needed.
  • If you are not currently registered with Student Disability Services, you will need to submit your documentation to Student Disability Services for review at least a week prior to your requested testing date. Please review Student Disability Service's documentation guidelines, and contact them by sds [at] (subject: CLEP%20Accommodations) (email).

DSST: All requests for accommodations for the DSST exam are made through Prometric. You will need to fill this form out prior to the exam, which includes a section that must be filled out by your Student Disability Services disability counselor or another qualified professional. Once the form is complete, it needs to be faxed to Prometric at least 30 days before your desired testing date. If you need assistance faxing the document, please clep [at] (email us).

Exam Content

What types of questions will be on the exam?

CLEP offers multiple exams in 5 areas.

  • Most CLEP tests are multiple choice and timed (90 minutes maximum). The tests are usually broken up into sections.
  • The World Languages exams have listening sections where testing candidates will be provided headphones in order to answer the questions.

DSST offers multiple exams in 6 areas.

  • DSST tests are multiple choice and timed (two hours maximum).
  • SEU does NOT administer the DSST Principles of Public Speaking.

What format is the exam?

CLEP and DSST exams are completed on the computer and are in multiple choice format.

Should I guess on a CLEP test if I don’t know the answer to a question?

The multiple choice portions of the CLEP exams use rights-only scoring. There are no penalties for wrong answers.


Are there study materials and practice tests for CLEP?

Yes. Visit the CLEP website to review Test Samples.

Are there study materials and practice tests for DSST?

Yes. Visit the DSST website to review Study Guides.

After the Test

How long will it take for my school to get my test results?

For the majority of the CLEP and DSST exams it should take around two weeks for your official score report to reach your institution. This time may be affected by which exam you have taken (e.g., College Composition can take up to five weeks).

How do I get a copy of my CLEP or DSST scores?

For most exams you will know your score right away. When you submit your exam, a page will appear on your screen that has your score.

CLEP: You will receive a PDF of your score to your email address (with the exception of College Composition). The official transcript will arrive to your school of choice within 7-10 business days. View About Your Score for more information.

DSST: You can request your Score Report by signing in using the login and password you set up before taking the test. You will be able to print your score report from there. The official transcript will arrive to your school of choice within 7-10 business days.