1. Repeating Examinations: CLEP examinations may not be repeated within three months of the testing date. DSST examinations may not be repeated within 90 days of the testing date. Scores on tests repeated earlier will be canceled and test fees forfeited. Exceptions to this policy must have the approval of the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and the appropriate School Dean. Exceptions to this policy are very rarely made and are considered only when there are documented extenuating circumstances.
  2. CLEP and DSST credit will be recorded on the transcript without a grade.
  3. Only official ETS or DANTES CLEP reports are acceptable. 
  4. No credit will be granted as a result of satisfactory CLEP or DSST scores to a student who has already received credit toward a degree at St. Edward's University in the same course, including transfer credit. 
  5. Students entering St. Edward’s University as first-time freshmen must take at least one semester of freshman writing on campus regardless of their CLEP College Composition score. 
  6. No credit is granted for College Composition Modular, Freshman English or the English Composition with essay examinations. 
  7. Arrangements for all testing must be completed prior to certification for graduation, and all examination scores must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by July 1 for summer graduation, Oct. 1 for fall graduation and March 1 for spring graduation.