Take on the world of IT

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Science prepares students to take on roles in business, technology, and IT. As a BA in Computer Information Science major, students receive a strong theoretical and practical foundation in computer science and directly applicable skills.

Students will study:
  • Best practices for hardware and software design
  • How people interact with computers and information technology
  • Networking and operating systems
  • Web programming
  • Advanced math
  • Programming languages
  • Database theory
  • Students enroll in at least three semesters of research courses and join a student-faculty research group with the goal of producing and presenting professional-level work. 

A degree in Computer Information Science will prepare students for many different careers, including work in artificial intelligence, software engineering, computer theory, technical writing, network design, database administration, data architecture, web design, and web server management. 

Degree Plan

For detailed descriptions and timing of courses, please see the New College Bulletin (course catalog).

Required Courses for Major (41 credit hours):

  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Computing Sciences Concepts I, Lab
  • Computing Sciences Concepts II, Lab
  • Web Programming
  • Introduction to Computer Organization and Hardware
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Data Storage Systems
  • Database Theory
  • Software Engineering I
  • Software Engineering II
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Research
  • Senior Project

General Education Courses (up to 39 credit hours)

Mission Courses (up to 12 credit hours)


BA in Computer Information Science majors are in high demand across all industries.

Graduates may work as systems analysts, designing and developing computer systems for the specific needs of a company. Or they may work as information system specialists, building databases and managing a company’s computer systems, communications systems and information delivery.

Students also select this program to prepare for graduate degrees to advance their careers with degrees such as a master's of science in management information systems or a master's in business administration. Close interaction with faculty at St. Edward’s — and time spent in classes, labs, advising sessions and program events — allows students to learn more about options for careers and graduate work.