Learn how to successfully run a nonprofit organization.

Students who choose a minor or certificate in Nonprofit Management have the opportunity to learn about the various elements of managing a nonprofit organization, whether it's an educational organization, public or private service organization, or a church organization.

You will learn how to use practice-oriented models to manage and evaluate nonprofit organizations. Students learn through casework and simulations to solidify skills and build experiential knowledge.

This program teaches students about:
  • Effective leadership concepts
  • Managing ethical concerns in the context of a nonprofit organization
  • Resource and board development
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Fundraising, grant writing, and other public relations activities
  • Recruiting and managing
  • Cases and techniques for budgeting
  • Financial practices
  • Identifying, analyzing and solving problems related to the establishment of an organization’s purpose and general direction
  • Aligning resources and activities 

Learning Goals

For detailed descriptions and timing of courses, please see the New College Bulletin (course catalog).

Program Requirements

You can either earn a minor or a certificate, but not both. Human Services majors are only eligible for the certificate and Interdisciplinary Studies students are only eligible for the minor. All other students may choose between the minor and the certificate and should consult with their advisor to learn more.

To can earn the minor or the certificate, you must complete the following coursework, totaling 18 hours:
  • Program Evaluation
  • Nonprofit Leadership and Management
  • Fundamentals of Resource Development
  • Budgeting for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Choose two of the following:
    • Using Policy to Transform Human Services Practice*
    • Public Policy*
    • Community Organizing and Development
    • Grant Writing
    • Internship
    • Strategic Planning for Government and Nonprofits
    • Human Services and Nonprofit Systems

*You may only take one of these courses