Acquire the skills and knowledge to become a transformative leader

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication and Leadership is far-reaching in its scope and thus is applicable to a variety of career paths.

A degree in Organizational Communication and Leadership will equip you with the expertise and skills to succeed in a variety of career paths. Graduates of the program take on roles as leaders, managers, change agents, and program directors in public, private, and nonprofit organizations.

Courses in ethics, leadership, organizational change, and conflict resolution foster innovative thinking, cultivate best practices, and encourage real-world problem-solving skills. Students develop and enrich their skills and learn best practices in how to effectively manage workplace situations ranging from workforce reduction to creating and maintaining trust and confidence among employees to leveraging technology to advance an organization.

In this program, you can expect to learn how to lead teams in a variety of contexts. All required courses in this major are offered in seven-week accelerated sessions. With two seven-week sessions per semester, you can choose to take more classes each semester and finish your degree faster. You have the flexibility to build your degree plan around your schedule. If you enroll with 60+ transferable credits, you can complete your degree in less than two years.

Degree Plan

For detailed descriptions and timing of courses, please see the New College Bulletin (course catalog).


  • Foundations of Organizational Communication and Leadership
  • Leadership Theory and Group Performance                                               
  • Innovation, Communication, and Organizational Change                          
  • Group Communication and Team Building                                                
  • Training and Development
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Conflict Resolution in Organizations                                                          
  • Communication, Leadership, and Technology                                            
  • Organizational Research
  • Business Ethics                                                                                             


  • Technical and Business Writing
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Public Relations and Policy
  • Marketing Communication
  • Budgeting for Public and Nonprofits• Strategic Planning for Government and Nonprofits                                                        




Graduates of this program pursue future endeavors with the knowledge and ability to:
  • Use human resources effectively
  • Manage workplace diversity
  • Use both critical and creative thinking skills on the job
  • Approach problem-solving with a focus on ethical decision-making
  • Employ visionary thinking to inspire dedication from employees 
  • Catalyze innovation from within an organization
  • Expertly navigate change
  • Enable effective communication throughout an organization
  • Foster creativity in the workplace
  • Lead an organization in creating competitive advantage
  • Facilitate successful interactions between people and businesses

After completing this program you may take on leadership roles in private, nonprofit, or public organizations.

Examples of these roles include:
  • Project managers
  • Executive directors for nonprofits
  • Health services managers
  • Public administrators
  • Business consultants
  • Organizational development directors

In particular, this program prepares graduates for careers where leadership and a big-picture perspective are essential to managing change. The knowledge, skills, and experience provided by the Organizational Leadership and Communication degree allow graduates to secure jobs as diverse as program administrators for nonprofits, crisis management directors for city governments and project managers for corporations.

About the Minor

Students who wish to get a minor in Organizational Communication and Leadership must complete 18 hours of coursework.

Required coursework includes:
  • Foundations of Organizational Communication and Leadership
  • Leadership Theory and Group Performance
  • Innovation, Communication and Organizational Change 
  • Nine additional semester hours from the courses in the Organizational Communication and Leadership major