Prepare to be the first line of response and prevention for the community

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Safety Management gets students ready for careers protecting the peace, ensuring people’s safety, and managing crises. Public safety professionals can strengthen their professional ability with knowledge, skills, and experience for tackling both the technical and the interpersonal issues within the profession.

You will have the opportunity to:
  • Learn about successful collaboration
  • Study processes and best practices for successfully steering change within an organization
  • Find new, improved ways to work by continuously driving innovative efforts
  • Gain the necessary skills for deploying communication designed to target social and organizational problems
  • Graduates will acquire methodology for understanding public administration, including public relations, personnel administration, public finance, and terrorism and disaster preparedness.

Degree Plan

For detailed descriptions and timing of courses, please see the New College Bulletin (course catalog).


Public Safety Management

  • Introduction to Emergency Management
  • Community Relations and Public Safety
  • Human Resource Administration in Government
  • Planning and Decision Making for Public Safety
  • Managing Public Safety Agencies
  • Budgeting for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Terrorism, Disaster Preparedness and Public Safety
  • Global Perspectives on Terrorism

Public Administration

  • Introduction to Public Management


  • Social Statistics or Business Statistics


Choose three courses from the following:

  • Foundations of Organizational Communication and Leadership
  •  Leadership Theory and Group Performance
  • Group Communication and Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution in Organizations
  • Administration of Justice
  • American Court System
  • Criminal Law I
  • American Law Enforcement
  • Corrections
  • Administration of Juvenile Justice
  • Constitutional Criminal Procedure
  • Criminology
  • World Justice Systems
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Technical and Business Writing
  • Strategic Planning for Government and Nonprofits
  • Special Topics
  • Senior Internship


  • Internship



Consult an admission coordinator for credit transfer options.

Online Option

Classes will be available in an online format as well as a seminar format to meet both the scheduling needs of public safety personnel and the demand across the state. The program is designed as a degree completion program to finish the work started by our excellent community college system in Texas, whether in fire science, law enforcement, police, emergency medical, emergency telecommunications, or emergency management.

Get Credit for Prior Certifications

Students with public safety certifications such as firefighter, paramedic, emergency medical technician and peace officer may be able to use the portfolio program to gain credit for their prior learning. Students interested in portfolio credit should pursue credit within their first two semesters. Learn more about earning credit through the portfolio program.

Opportunities in Public Safety Management

Students in this field get ready for careers in which they will be saving lives, protecting property, and guarding national security. Examples include EMS specialists, fire safety experts and emergency management professionals. Some students pursue careers in a more business-focused role. For example, they may develop and manage a law enforcement organization's crisis communication strategy. They could also work as a consultant helping companies comply with risk management and security plans. 


Students in the Public Safety Management program will have the opportunity to learn valuable on-the-job skills and get valuable work experience through internships. You can earn credit for internships related to public safety with the local police, fire, emergency medical, emergency management or related agency.

Meet the Faculty

Public Safety Management faculty have an amazing depth of experience and have led numerous initiatives.

The faculty have experience in roles such as:
  • Judicial
    • County Judge’s Assistant
    • Executive Liaison to the Commissioners’ Court
  • Law Enforcement
    • Chief Deputy, Travis County Sheriff's Office
    • Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE)
    • Assistant Director of Operations and Chief of Police at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
    • Austin Assistant Chief of Police
    • Patrol
  • Correctional
    • Oklahoma Department of Corrections
  • Fire Department
    • Captain
    • Firefighter
    • Paramedic 
    • Fire Inspector
    • Training Director 
  • Other Government Roles
    • Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management
    • Director of the Labor Office
    • Dual appointment as Assistant City Manager and Assistant Police Chief
    • Interim Director of the Animal Services Department

Our faculty have played key roles in initiatives such as:

  • Creating a coordinated emergency planning effort
  • Managing emergency response and recovery
  • Mutual aid agreements
  • Incident Command System Taskforce
  • Interagency Disaster Council
  • Austin/Travis County Counter Terrorism Planning Group
  • Emergency Management Program compliance
  • Instructor for Incident Command System, Domestic Preparedness (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) Awareness, Operations and Incident Command, Fire Weather Analysis and Instruction
  • Fire Service educational programs
  • Employee Assistance Program for the San Antonio Fire Department

About the Minor

Students who are interested in pursuing work in the field of public safety and related areas can broaden their knowledge and capabilities by getting a minor in Public Safety Management. In order to complete the minor, you need to take 18 hours of coursework.

Required Courses:

  • Introduction to Emergency Management
  • Community Relations and Public Safety
  • Managing Public Safety Agencies
  • Terrorism, Disaster Preparedness and Public Safety Electives
  • Choose two of the following courses:
  • Human Resource Administration in Government
  • Planning and Decision Making for Public Safety
  • Budgeting for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Special Topics in Public Safety Managemen