Catherine MacDermott, a professor of business communication, has served as the University’s Associate Academic Dean, Director of Experiential Education, Associate Dean of the Business School, and the BBA Director. Of all the positions she has held, being a teacher is her most rewarding and favorite!

Professor MacDermott coordinates the business intern program, serves as the Business Living and Learning faculty mentor, and enjoys teaching abroad. She has participated in faculty-led teaching abroad programs since 1994 and has taken students to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, France, and Central Europe. This summer she will be teaching at Asia Pacific University, SEU’s sister school in Beppu City, Japan.

MacDermott received the Distinguished Teaching Award, the Outstanding Teaching Excellence Award, the Business School Teaching Excellence Award (1991-1994), the Advising Award, and the Piper Professor Award, an honor that recognized her as one of the top university professors in Texas.

I purposely design course material to make learning fun, engaging, and personally meaningful. Each of my classes has a theme, incorporates a compelling activity and invites students to interact with each other.


• M.Ed., Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

• B.S. in Business Administration, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

For Students

Why I Teach

My approach to teaching incorporates real-world examples and clear instruction from me in order to assure students are engaged with the material.  I provide every student detailed feedback and encouragement that will lead to academic confidence and mastery.  Seeing my students grow in both confidence and technical expertise is extremely rewarding.  I teach because I want to transform lives and empower young people to make a difference.