Dr. L. Justine Hernandez is an Associate Professor in the Department of University Studies in the School of Arts and Humanities at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. She teaches courses in Women’s Studies and Mexican American Studies. She is the coordinator of the Women's Studies minor (2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19).

A past recipient of a Dorothy Danforth Compton Fellowship, Dr. L. Justine Hernandez is a Chicana scholar with expertise in Chicana feminist literature and digital humanities. Her dissertation, Chicana Feminist Voices: In Search of Chicana Lesbian Voices from Aztlán to Cyberspace, included a web-based chapter entitled “CONNECTed Voices“(see http://currents.dwrl.utexas.edu/2009hernandez.html). Since 2007, she has developed and maintained ThisBridgeCalledCyberspace (http://ThisBridge.net), a searchable online archive and portal for publications by and about people of color. She co-edited the anthology Palabras Chicanas (Mujeres en Marcha Press, U.C. Berkeley, 1988) and authored “Chicana Feminists and Loyalists: Sexism, Homophobia and Feminism During the Chicano Movement” in Chicana Studies: An Anthology (Kendall Hunt, 2010).

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B.S. summa cum laude in Computer Science at St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas, 2008.

Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at University of Texas, Austin, 2001.

M.A  in Comparative Literature at University of Texas, Austin, 1993.

B.A. in Chicano Studies at University of California, Berkeley, 1990.