Dr. Brown is a professor of History. Her research focuses on social, political, and cultural aspects of the United States in the twentieth-century.  Some of her recent courses include American Radicals and Reformers, History of Sexuality, Pacifism and Peace Movements, Women in American Society, Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism, and World Civilizations.

Dr. Brown believes that being effective means teaching students to be observant, to question, to probe their world and themselves. She teaches students where to find information, how to evaluate evidence, how to organize ideas, and how to identify cause and effect. Dr. Brown pushes students to systematically analyze information, to understand the importance of historical context, and to see complexities within the historic and contemporary world. Her hope is that students use these skills to analyze the issues confronting contemporary America and the world.


Ph.D. in History, University of Washington, 1996

M.A. in History, San Francisco State University, 1987

B.A. in History, San Francisco State University, 1985

A.A. in History, Modesto Junior College, 1982

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School of Behavioral and Social Sciences