I am a faculty member in Writing and Rhetoric (WRIT) and hold the rank of Professor.

My scholarly and teaching interests include legal writing, editing, rhetorical theory and criticism, argumentation, prose style, and general-education writing. Before I went back to school to earn my MA and PhD, I practiced law in California and Texas.

Despite what this official photo suggests, I rarely wear a suit or tie. I also have more grey hair now.

Writing is a teachable, learnable craft. Talent is not the most important factor—by far. It’s not even the second-most important factor. Experienced writers have internalized a complex set of implicit and explicit expectations to the point that those expectations now feel more or less natural to them. They have also developed productive, sustainable writing practices that work for them. But they all had to start somewhere. They all had to learn, too. With mindful effort, and by seeking help, you'll join them soon enough.

More about me, as well as resources for students, can be found on my personal website.


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  • PhD in English [Rhetoric and Composition]: Texas Christian University, 2009
  • M.A. in English: University of Texas at San Antonio, 2004
  • J.D. cum laude: Gonzaga University School of Law, 1993
  • B.A. in Philosophy: University of California at Santa Barbara, 1989

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