Rachel McGinnis Meissner is an Academic Coach for Student Athletes and a reader for the Online Writing Lab (OWL) and CAMP writing workshops.  She has been with St. Edward's since 2008 and continues to seek challenges and grow along with her colleagues in Academic Counseling and Support Programs.

Rachel enjoys helping students cultivate awareness of the blocks that interfere with learning and introducing students to tools that can re-energize the learning process and improve focus. Her work begins with one-on-one conversations with students--getting to know their goals and obstacles and facilitating experiences and discoveries that encourage growth. She is grateful to be a part of St. Edward's and is just one member of a large team that deeply cares for and supports all Hilltoppers.

In her life beyond the university, Rachel has taught theatre and writing workshops, was a co-founder of Paper Moon Repertory, and has received recogition for her contributions to Austin theatre productions as a performer, playwright, director, producer, and costumer. Her journalism has been published in Bon Appétit and Hill Country Directions, and her print work has ranged from illustrations for Hill Country Directions to theatrical posters and business logos. As someone who is always engaged in learning and many art forms, she benefits from being a student of mindfulness and meditation to appreciate and bring it all together.


Northwestern University, Bachelor of Science in Speech

Indiana University, Master of Science in Education