Dr. Sarah Mittal earned her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at San Antonio and her Bachelors in marketing from St. Mary's University. Her research area of focus is consumer behavior. Dr. Mittal has published in the Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Marketing Education Review, and the Journal of Management Education. In addition, she has over 30 conference presentations at a variety of conferences in her field. 

"I chose St. Edward's becuase I really love being in the classroom. The small classes allow me to truly connect with students. I especially enjoy connecting the material to events happening out in the "real world"--to help students see how the concepts we discuss in class will be applied in their marketing role."

When I'm not teaching or researching, my hobbies include: boy-mom, dog-mom, reading, travel, foodie  

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor of Marketing 

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Publications & Articles


Refereed Journal Articles

Mittal, Sarah, Katherine Warnell, & David H. Silvera (In Press, 2021), "In the World of Plastics: How Thinking Style Influences Preference for Cosmetic Surgery," Accepted at Marketing Letters.

Kapitan, Sommer, Sarah Mittal, Jill M. Sundie, & Daniel Beal, (2021) "What a Great Deal…I Need That! Updating Need Drives Frugal Consumers' Responses to Deep Discounts," accepted at Journal of Business Research, 134, 467-479.

Mittal, Sarah & David H. Silvera, (2021) "It grows on you: Perceptions of sales/service personnel with facial hair," Grant Awarded-Carolan Research Institute, *Journal of Business Research, 132, 604-613.

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Refereed Book Chapter

Sarah Roche, L.J. Shrum, & Tina M. Lowrey (2016). The Aesthetics of Brand Name Design: Form, Fit, Fluency, and Phonetics. In Rajeev Batra, Colleen Seifert, and Diann Brei (Eds.), The Psychology of Design. New York, NY:  Routledge.