School of Human Development and Education Dean's Message

Dear Future School of Human Development and Education Students:

How we educate the mind will change with the times; how we cultivate the heart is and will remain timeless.”  Blessed Basil Moreau, Christian Education

Imagine yourself demonstrating to a stroke victim how to learn to walk again.  Or teaching a group of children the fun of a healthy, physical lifestyle.  How about demonstrating the power of atoms to a group of chemistry students.  Or working with a group of autistic students in a summer camp.  What about helping a young couple as they tackle the challenges of marriage?  Or working with college freshmen as they choose classes, select their residence hall, and meet a roommate. 

What could be more rewarding than helping someone see a positive change in his or her life?  Here, in the School of Human Development and Education, you will prepare for LIFE!  Participating in activities, classes and events as part of your time at St. Edward’s will provide you both a chance to grow and change, but, also, give you a chance to teach others to grow and change, as well.  The expertise you will gain in the School of Human Development and Education will not only enhance your own life but will allow you to impact the lives of others.

As you complete your degree, you will have opportunities to travel abroad, to interact with individuals from around the world, and to create lifelong relationships that will change the way you perceive others.  You will have the chance to experience hands-on training in the laboratories of life—the schools, hospitals, and offices of Texas and beyond; to travel to other countries to teach children; and to strengthen your own bilingual abilities by working with speakers of other languages.  Above all, you will develop a passion for the mission of serving others; of speaking up for those who cannot; and supporting those who have not had the opportunities to succeed.

As you participate in the School of Human Development and Education, you will transform yourself into the professional you desire to become—whether it is through teaching, counseling or kinesiology.  Through it all, your heart will, as Blessed Moreau says, “remain timeless.”

Come join us!

Dr. Glenda Ballard, Dean of the School of Human Development and Education at St. Edward's University